Friday, November 28, 2008

Enak Rasa Seafood - revisited

My cousin Fatimah had been bunking over at my place every now and then for the past 3 weeks, due to that her 'A' Levels exams were at Temasek JC, which is pretty nearby here as compared to her home at Toh Guan.

And since the exams finally ended last Tue, she's been asking if we're gonna celebrate with her. Sigh...

Thought of bringing her over to Spize at Simpang Bedok but then again, at the back of my mind, I know that nothing can satisfy her more than white rice with her favourite chicken & prawn dishes.

My mum decided on the newly opened Enak Rasa Seafood, just a stone's throw away from my block.

Goreng Pisang ~ deep-fried battered bananas.

I think there's keledek (sweet potato) as well.

My bro never failed to order this whenever we are here. It sure helps that these goodies sold out pretty often so the hawker had to fry a fresh batch every now and then.

Piping hot and crispy, a must-have commodity!

Chap Chye - Mixed Vegetables w/ Seafood

Surprise of all surprises! This dish was chosen by the girl herself. The very person whom I know to detest vegetables in general (she only eat cabbages).

I believe she got tempted by the idea of it being mixed with seafood. Well, as long as she eat her vegetables, I sure dun mind...

Hotplate fried chicken

My mum had my bro point this dish out from one of the pictures that they displayed on the walls of the eating house.

For all the chicken dishes in the menu are the fillet kind and my mum claimed that those types are usually so shriveled up, they're just not worth getting.

This one here was stir-fried with this tangy & sweet sambal sauce which makes it really appealing. Kinda' remind me of the crispy chicken dish from Razack's Kitchen that I sorely missed.

Spicy BBQ stingray

The whole table agreed that this dish was delicious. Just too bad that we only had a small portion, considering that there's another fish dish that we've ordered.

My mum thought it tasted like the BBQ seafood that we got in Malaysia (where exactly, I dunno), while my dad said this dish reminds him of the one from Ah Nam BBQ Seafood at Changi (his fave stall).

We never thought of requesting for cincalok. We really should have. With the onion slices being on the little side, the cincalok could have added some extra zing to this dish.

Butter prawns

The butter prawns here were cooked a little more differently that the usual buttery-egg strands that I used to get from other seafood places.

One look and the prawns seemed to be doused heavily in powdered parmesan cheese. A second look reminds me of infant milk formula.

Another different rendition of it

This somewhat reminds me of the ribs that ieat had. May not be seen here but underneath all the prawns are really crispy curry leaves & cut-up chili padi (bird's-eye chillies).

Despite the novel taste which does come off as a tad sweet for my tastebuds, I find myself yearning for the butter prawns that I had at BaliThai instead.

Be careful about the powdery bits eventually clumping up due to prolonged exposure to moisture in the air.

Just like powdered milk.

Thai-style steamed fish

This time we chose seabass. The seabass was pretty fleshy at parts but definitely not as jelak (ovebearing) as the grouper previously.

Not surprisingly, my bro refused to even touch it. He's pretty grossed out by steamed food. "Soggy, limp and mushy," he said.

The sauce was nice, actually. Despite the really red appearance, it's hardly spicy due to the sweetness that overcame it. Wished they had been more generous with the sauce, though.

I actually came to a part where I got a heap of the white fish flesh and no more sauce to accompany it. Had to turn to the sambal belacan (shrimp-paste chili) instead.

My cousin Imah surprised me yet again when she tucked into this dish. I wonder what else about her eating habits that I've yet to discover...

Did I tell you that she ordered hot tea?

Anyway, the bill came to around $90++ but after using their privilege card, we got 10% off and the final bill came to only $80++.

Worth it, I'd say.

my bro


parting shot of my bro carrying back the 5kg pack of rice that my mum bought after dinner. On his ever-reliable head, no less.

I wonder how long this pack will last. I remember that there was once a time when my family hardly ate rice and my mum bought a mere 1kg pack, which actually last the whole month!

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