Sunday, November 09, 2008

simply mussels

simply mussels

Oooh, I love it when my mum prepared this!

I don't know exactly how much mussels she used to prepared this. Despite the fact that my mum, dad and bro have already eaten their dinner, there' still almost a good kg of these left in the pot.

I didn't even bother to heat this up. I just drank the soup - straight from the bowl. Ahhhh... refreshing!

juicy mussels

It's simply mussels boiled with - lemongrass, ginger, birds-eye chilies, red chillies, onion, garlic and white pepper.

the broth

All that ginger and onion? Good for gas, I tell you!

mini-squid sambal

We last bought these kind of mini dried squids wayyy back when we were holidaying in Langkawi.

Recently she saw someone hawking these somewhere and got them. And made a pot of sambal sotong with these.

A little warning, though. These babies are to be soaked a little longer than your regular dried cuttlefish. A tad salty and more chewy to the bite, these things.

mussels gratin

My mum request that I made some gratin out of some mussels, for my bro had seen a chef preparing it on AFC (Asian Food Channel - family's favourite!) and asked her to do it.

But she got a little lazy. Knowing my penchant for preparing cheese-based dishes, she knew I wouldn't mind.

mussels gratin - closer

Seeing that the mussels already absorbed much flavour from the broth that it's prepared in, I simply used mozzarella, & parmesan cheese, some dried herb-mix and black pepper.

Otherwise, for plain mussels, I would have use butter or olive oil, cheese, garlic, herbs and pepper. Oh, fresh parley would be good!

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