Friday, November 07, 2008

bugis chill out

chill out at bugis

Since I blogged out about my cousin Dzul previously, guess I gotta talk a bit about last Fri, the day that some of my paternal cousins gathered for a little reunion before Dzul depart the day after.

Hung around at Bugis Village & Junction while waiting for time to pass until the main-man himself was done with his dinner at Orchard Road. Meanwhile the rest of us (inc. my bro) end up sharing these puffs from Chewy Junior.

A dozen Chewy Junior puffs

I dunno what's the deal but this one here seems to be the latest Singaporean fad?? Check out the queue!

I recall the days when we all go bonkers over random foods like bubble tea, Mexican buns (Roti Boy), doughnuts and now this..?

And to think that there's a similar offering right next door in the form of Beard Papa; which had been around for some time now.

I guess the fact that this one here is halal and Muslims have no qualms about buying them. And I notice a little similarity, i.e varieties. Once your product boast a pretty decent variety, its definitely gonna be a hit with S'poreans.

@ Al-Tazzaq

Decided to hang out at Arab Street since it's the only place that's still bustling and alive at that hour on Halloween Night.

After the long walk from Bugis, we dicided to hit the upper storey for some good a/c.

like their own house liddat..

Iced Karkadeh

Karkadeh is simply Hibiscus tea. I remembered that when I had the hot version of this previously, I got a decent amount of the roselle bits nestling nicely at the bottom of the glass.

The amount here was pretty measly. Hopefully they're not compromising their standard with their booming business...

Iced Mint Tea

I had hopes for the tea to be really infused with the mint's scent & flavour but I guess not. But tastes good enough for me.

Mixed-fruit juice

I was surprised when a cousin of mine, who wasn't really a fan of fruits or veggies, actually ordered this.

So it wasn't a surprise when she took a sip of it and made a face. I happily traded my Iced Karkadeh for this. It's REAL fruit juice, ok? Not out-of-the-carton kind.


I expected a basket of simple potato wedges so these that come on a plate and topped with chilli sauce, hummus & chopped cilantro was a pleasant surprise.

The chlli sauce was really spicy with a slightly tangy taste, similar to tobasco, albeit of a thicker consistency.

You may realise that I nit-pick the beverages here a lot. Well, judging from the REALLY exorbitant prices that they charge, I should expect a little bit more, shouldn't I??

However, judging from my last visit here for dinner, I have to admit that the food here is pretty good. Gonna bring my parents here again someday. On a WEEKDAY night.

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