Thursday, November 06, 2008

my cousin dzul

my cousin dzul

oh gosh, pardon the extremely fannatic-cal sounding entry previously. I have to admit that on the evening of 4th Nov, I felt at least 8 (if not 10) years younger.

Ok, another thing... This entry is soooo long overdue!

I finally got to writing this up after receiving a call from the guy himself. I was very cautious about picking up overseas calls and just let it be but I got a strange feeling about so it I looked up the country code and found it to be from the Jeddah/Riyadh zone.

Aghast, I almost wanted to call the number back but was apprehensive about the costs that I might incur. I just whack it after some hesitation and called him back anyway....

Anyway, my cousin here is one of the lucky 10 who got selected to study at the famed Islamic University of al-Madinah al-Munawarah. The whole batch of them finally got to fly off to Madinah on 1st Nov, due to some delays with the visas.

And other kids from other countries had the same issues too. By the time they arrive, school would have started for a couple of weeks already.

Managed to meet him 2x on the week that he left. Once when he joined my bro and I at Bugis and another, during a gathering organised by my other cousins, which saw us chilling out at Al-Tazzaq at Haji Lane.

If you think that the 3rd pic looks weird, wait till I tell you what it is!

It's his bantal gentel/busyuk. Ok, how do I translate that? Well, you know some people find it REALLY difficult to discard the pillow that thay had slept with since their childhood? Being deprived from it can cause insomnia at times (really!).

Well yes, seeing how STAINED it is... and if you look closer, one corner had to be tied with a rubber-band! And the pillow is sooo worn out that there's ain't much of the filling/cushion left, till he can actually ROLL it up! lol

And you know where he placed it?

In the very haversack that he DIDN'T check-in. Near the top. Yes, he brought it over to Madinah with him. I wonder if he secretly took it out during the plane ride and hugged it to help him sleep during the flight....

The last few pics were the tearful goodbye-moments. His sister, Fatimah (in blue), 'cleverly' wore eyeliner on her lower eyelids, knowing very well that she's gonna cry later on... Sheesh!

No point for guessing which 'bear' she resembled, prior to that!

Anyway Dzul, I hope you are able to adjust well to the (much) different environment there. Don't be too picky with the food. And study hard ok! You know that thay can easily kick a student out o'there!

Take care dude! Signs, *hang-loose*

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