Monday, November 17, 2008

last straw

that's gotta be the straw that breaks the camel's back

I've had it said/asked in my face many, many times.

RP=Random Person

RP: So, what school are you from?
me: *wide eyed* No, I'm no longer schooling/Finish school already...
RP: Oh, now just looking for job?
me: -_- "I've been working for almost 6 years already..."

RP: What's your age?
me: 26
RP: *wide eyed* I thought you just finished school!

(Dad striking conversation with his old pal at carpark. I took out the car keys and unlock it. Turned the ignition on and got in the driver's seat).

RP: Oh anaknya yang bawak? (so it's your daughter who drives?)
dad: Ah, cuma dia dgn abang dia aja yang drive (only her and her brother can drive)
RP: Baru dapat lesen? (Just got her license)
dad: dad 5 tahun lebih dia pass (she passed her license more than 5 years back)
RP: lah, ingat umur dia belum masuk 20 lagi (I thought she's no past 20 years old yet)

me: *under my breath* I dun even have my probationary plate displayed, like that also he think I just got my license..?

Last weekend, my mum and I attended the wedding of her ex-classmate's son. She then strike a conversation with her friend's hubby when her friend got distracted by other guests.

And note that my mum had every intention to inform him of my upcoming wedding next year.

RP: ni anaknya yang **kecil (this is your youngest child?)
mum: ah, yang tua si abang (yes, the eldest is her brother)
RP: sekolah mana dia?
mum: *wide eyed* oh, dia dah lama dah kerja.

**'kecil' literally translated; means 'small' which is a totally wrong way to describe me- what irony! but it's also roughly used to describe the youngest in the family.

She then talked of other things, obviously her main intentions got swayed by her surprise at that question.

And only before we part, did she made a mention of it.

mum: tahun depan, saya pulak yang jemput awak. (next year, it'll be my turn to invite you)
RP: abangnya nak kahwin? (your son's getting married?)
mum: takdelah. ni dia ni. dia dengan 'A' umur tak jauh. setahun aja. (no. it's her (directing her thumb at me). she and your daughter 'A' (his daughter - 27 and married with 3 kids already) their age difference is only 1 year)

This is my conversation with my mum, prior to that.

me: I can't believe he asked that! DO I really looked that young?! It's not like he don't know you.
mum: I don't know what to say. To think that you're about to be married..
me: mum, you should have told him straight on, "School? But she's getting married next year!"
mum: but that would have been totally snide and rude...

And here comes THAT final straw.

Taken place at the wedding of of the son of my dad's colleague. I was done taking food from the buffet counter so I put down my plate on the table. The kendarat (hired helpers) placed the bunga telur (wedding favours) of cupcakes in front of my parents.

Since parents were already seated, I proceed to get them drinks.

I came back to see that I have yet to receive any bunga telur. I sat down and and drank some tea. The kendarat finally came by and put small box of CHOCOLATES in front of me.

The small chocolates were meant to be given to ONLY the children of the guests. Meaning: KIDS.

AND I GOT THAT. wtf??!!

"Mum, how old do I appear to be? I'm wearing baju kurung (traditional malay garb) with high heels and face all made up. Do I look like a kid..?!"

. . . .

Come to think of it... hmm...

I guess I only have myself to blame. Remember the phrase: "Be careful what you wish for.." I often joked about always wanting to remain young and I guess those jokes come off as a subconscious wish, somehow..."

Sigh. Doesn't help that my ic has my 12- year old face... So much so that my fearful fiance request that I had it changed, just in case the people at ROMM thought me to be underaged.


Tini Matin said...

Ur entry is simply hilarious! haha..but dun wery will go off soon..aku dulu pun kena rabak2 like,"hah? dah nak kahwin? muka 16tahun..".."mentelnya nak kahwin..skola dah abis lum??" - wen actually i'm 24years lah deyy..
EVEN NOW THERES SOME WHO SAID I LOOK LIKE 19YEARS LAH OI..hello,cant u see i'm pregg?? cant blame them lor..whos knows they thot i minah2 shotgun eh..astargfirullah..kadang2 rasa cam nak smack je muka drng tu tau.. dun brood over it so much k CT..oh btw we hav the same 12-year-old photo on our ICs!! nanti g tukar sama2 eh!! heheh.. so remember, BE CAREFUL WHAT U WISHED FOR..hehe..

CT said...

"whos knows they thot i minah2 shotgun eh..astargfirullah..kadang2 rasa cam nak smack je muka drng tu tau.."

that's scaaaary, la!

aku skarang pi mana2x ic tak leh tinggal. Nak2x kalo tgk wayang. citer NC16 pon tak lepas (esp. at Shaw Lido)..