Saturday, November 01, 2008

Zingdo's last day II

Zingdo's last day II

Man, I am sooo gonna miss it there.


A korean meal is never complete without this, be it incorporated into the food or eaten on it's own, which had been the case with us.

Every bite of our food will have a t least a little piece of this. Delectable!

breaded prawns

Since both Effy & I ordered a vegetarian main dish, we decide to go for some meat instead of the usual fried mushrooms as a side dish.

Then again, we can just order both but since this might be the last time we're here, we intend to save some room for at least a dessert.

spicy sauces

What will I do without these? The spicy chili sauce and the kochujang. Essential for dips and for Effy & me, to add more kick to our gravy.

Yah Chay Kimchi Myon (noodles)

For once, I didn't order a beef dish. I love their beef here but I guess it's time for something different.... and healthier.

Laden with mushrooms, (silken) tofu and seaweed, this makes for a satisfying dinner.

Yah Chay Kimchi Rice Cakes

Effy's order. We ended up ordering the same type of dish, save for the carbs. She opted for the chewy sliced rice cakes instead.

If you think this looks red, wait till you see how it appeared after we mix in the chilli sasuce.

my way of eating the prawn - step 1

Place it in the leaf and heap on a good amount of the chili & kojuchang mix (any watery residue at the bottom of the kimchi bowl adds to the kick!).

my way of eating the prawn - step 2

Then place the little strips of the yellow pickled radish before placing a fairly long piece of kimchi on top.

Finally, wrap the leaf around the whole thing, open your mouth wide and take a big, satisfying bite.


Ok, I forgot the name for this. Is it 'Bingsu' or something...? Finally settled on the aloe vera, mango & kiwi option. It's the fruits selection that are different. There's banana-mango, strawberry-kiwi, avocado-nata de coco etc..

What's constant is the red bean paste, sesame mochi (there's the black variant too) and milk-on-ice.

A nice way to round off our final meal at this place - for now.

Sigh, I miss that place already...

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