Friday, November 14, 2008

enak rasa seafood

new kid on the this block

There was once a time when there was a steady stream of people patronising the eating house (or coffee shop) at blk 136, bedok reservoir rd. Most of them were there for the 'tze char' seafood stall.

I dunno what happened later on but the crowd slowly trickled down until the stall closed shop (I suspect they replaced the chef).

Months back, the premise was closed for renovations and we got all curious as to who could have taken over. It's such a waste to see such a good location go down that way. It faces the main road, yet was set back a little so the vehicular traffic from there wasn't much of a nuisance. Then there's a playground that can keep the kids entertained while the others eat their meals.

We got really intrigued to see a Halal establishment taking over the premise (yay!). And even more intrigued to see that they're pretty known; seeing that there are many newspaper articles and reviews on their food. . .

sambal belacan

Every plate of white rice comes with a small dish of this. Taste pretty good, I say. Oh, a little fiery, too.


I can't really recall the actual name for this. Fu-Shou, Fu-you? There's crabstick and mushrooms inside.

cereal squids

The way it looked and taste, very reminiscent of the one I had at Teh Tarik Eating House.

I dunno if I'm getting tired of these cereal dishes or maybe the squid version had done me in. I should really order the prawn version before I declare that I'm over this cereal-esque dish.

Although I prefer the cereal squid at Chai Chee Seafood Restaurant where the batter wasn't so overwhelming that the squids appear like nuggets. Their batter was light and what coat the squid rings is the cereal itself.

3-flavours fish

Ikan 3 rasa. I supposed the three flavours being: sweet, sour and.... salty spicy..? The sauce is pretty tasty. Goes well with the battered-cereal squids.

The server had asked for our choice of fish. My family weren't really choosy so we hemmed & hawed until she recommended the grouper. Seriously, we were only told to choose between the grouper and seabass and we took so long to decide!

I wished we had chosen seabass instead.

My pleased mum happily remarked that the fish was really fleshy. Well, she only nibbled at the bones and the fish head. I was the one who had to finish up the abundant flesh and gosh, it's not exactly a pleasant experience.

It would have been better had they cut into the flesh or slice it a little on the sides so that they can fry right through the deep flesh.

It wouldn't have been much of an issue with the usually thinner seabass. Next time, please remind me to choose that one instead, aite??

kangkong belacan

My mum ordered the large portion. I have no idea what came over her but there were only 4 of us! Even the server asked her over and over again, "Large..?"

Somehow, when the dish arrived, we were glad she ordered a big plate, for it was really delicious! Naturally we finished it. Check out the crispy dried shrimps which they sprinklered on top of the greens!

privilege card

Since we our bill came to more than $50, they offered us the membership for free. I told my parents to take it anyway since we live so nearby, there's high chance that we can utilise this opportunity.

Saw a lot of newspaper cuttings that they displayed, which highlight their crab dishes. Hmm... Gonna give it a go one day.

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