Wednesday, September 24, 2008

cousins iftar

with the cousins, this time

I finally succumbed to the pressure of owning just 1 new pair of baju kurung for this coming Raya and asked my cousins out to the Geylang bazaar, supposedly to get myself at least another pair.

I quick call to my mum to inform her that I wont be breaking fast at home; proved to be a turning point.

Got an earful from her, saying that I still have several pairs from last year that I hardly wore. And it's time that I start saving and help her with the wedding expenses.


Anyway, from the flurry of emails that I exchanged with the ever efficient Sue, she rounded up my other paternal cousins and we soon had a plan to iftar (break fast) together.

I did not know what came over us but we actually end up wandering around the bazaar and Tanjong Katong Complex till after 8pm before we realised that we're REALLY famished.

I suggested Teh Tarik Eating House. We ended up ordering dishes to share from the halal 'zhi char' stall there.

Sweet & Sour Chicken

Ordered specially for the 2 non-beef eaters, Imah & Huda.

Black Pepper Beef

This one's for Sue, Nor, Ate & myself.

An ample amount of curry leaves, there

Cereal Squid

Ordered a medium portion of this for all of us and the portion looked pretty huge. Was worried as to whether we'll be able to finish it.

Well, worries unfounded. Turned out, not all the large crispy bits are the squid...

The cereal up close

The bigger piece is the one with the squid. The smaller one is plain batter.

Again, they're generous with the curry leaves. Oh, even
with the cereal and chili padi (bird's eye chili). I relished having a spoonful of that with almost EVERY bite. Yes, even when I eat the other dishes.

Old habits die hard. I should consider frying up just the cereal part and keep it in a jar or something.

Sambal Kangkong

I dun mind the garlicky bits but they could have used the sambal less sparingly. I can't get the kick from this dish that I usually get from other places.

Maybe they assumed that we would prefer less spice in our food given the fact that we've been fasting the whole day.
Hmm.. Go figure.

Ordered just a small portion of this, seeing that the same pair who dun eat beef, also abhor veggies.

Hot-plate Tofu

This was an order that's pushed recommended by the waitress. I thought that we've ordered quite a lot but I guess the idea of having this seemed novel somehow. At least ALL of us dun mind tofu.

Came bubbling hot (I almost scalded my tongue!) and I'm pretty impressed by their generousity with the eggs.

Many occasions, I encountered a similar dish where the egg was a sad, thin layer at the base of the heated pan/plate. You can see in the pic, the egg even goes up to the edge!

All that egg and the gooey sauce... Delectable indeed!

(Fried) Fish Soup

Funnily enough, the soup came last. And we has expected fresh fish slices in the soup but they came battered and fried instead. Not surprisingly, they got pretty soggy by the time we got to them.

If I had wanted fried fish soup, I wouldn't mind the crispy egg bits that one can get from that stall at Banquet Raffles Hospital.


Anonymous said...

Dearest *Bayya,
Here's wishing U a Beautiful, Joyous & Wonderful Birthday, gal!
May all your dreams & wishes come true, and may you always be richly blessed, dearest chum. ;)
Loadsa luv & Wishes always, us*

CT said...

why, Thank You loads!

Your warm wishes ALWAYS make me feel blessed, dear Minerva!