Tuesday, September 16, 2008

yabbing along

yabbing along (more randomness)

Yesterday saw me being a little more zealous about hitting the gym again, having felt the full effects of endorphins kicking in after a great workout the day before.

'The day before', meaning Sunday. Gym opening hours: 9am - 2pm.

Yes, I work out in the DAY while FASTING. And it felt so darn good.

Sure, you get a lil' thirsty but somehow the body is prepped for that. The thirst didn't linger long enough for me to go over to the tap and take a sip. And to think that on any normal day, I can down at least 1 litres of water during workout.

Such is the blessing of this holy month of Ramadhan.


Yesterday, I came to the gym right on time for Maghrib a.k.a break fast. Shared some of the chocolate cake given by my colleague with the instructors.

Following which: -

2 dates - check
2 bananas - check
water - check
maghrib prayers - check
rented locker key - NIL
sports shoes - n.a.
socks - n.a.
deodorant - n.a.
gym clothes - n.a.

I dig and dig my wallet, my bag, only to realise that I had forgotten the routine of returning the key to my wallet. I think it's in my gym bag (yesterday I brought my work bag).

How like that?! No locker key means no access to my gym gear which I kept there for the sake of convenience. And like the dog that bit the hand that feed it, that convenience eventually held my much anticipated workout in jeopardy.

(The gym has a policy where only the management holds the key to the locker where the master keys for the rented lockers are kept. And management is only available during office hours).

Haiya. So sad. The instructor was so apologetic but I kept assuring her that it's my fault.

Had to go home, lor. How to work out?

Time signed in: 7.05pm
Time signed out: 7.25pm
The shortest time that I've been in this gym EVER.

And the best part. From planning to just settle for the fruits, I end up wolfing down a bowl of mee bandung when I got home. And some yoghurt. And more fruits. Oh did I mention the pulot serunding that my neighbour gave?

Blame it on the disappointment. Hmph!

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