Saturday, September 13, 2008

bali_thai pt II

BALIthai pt II
(3 ladies and a baby)

Yeah, so I had dinner at Bali Thai with Dee and Tini_Matin, the mother & son team.

Tini, Diana & Matin.

I had left the office a little late and yet I insist on taking the bus there. Die, die I refused to take the train during that peak hour.

Despite having only 20mins to be there on the agreed time.

Of course I was late. And when I peered through the glass panels looking for a couple of ladies with a baby on a high-chair, I was surprised to see that there was none. I remembered having told them to enter first and give them my name, since I was the one who made the reservation.

They had agreed to meet each other at 630pm at City Hall. And it was almost 715pm.

I was told that no one had arrived to claim the seats that I've reserved. And true enough, they came from behind, within seconds of my arrival. Sheesh!

They had asked where the restaurant exactly was and I told them that the fountain terrace at Suntec City is round. Just walk and they'll eventually come to the restaurant. True enough, the took a wrong turn and walked an almost full-circle before reaching.

Obviously they aren't pleased. Haha!

Anyway, after going back and forth on the various pages of the menu, we finally decided to order. For some hungry folks, we sure took our time making our order.

I gestured at this waitress but she hesitated and signalled towards her (lone) male colleague instead. And I didn't realise that I was the only one still holding on to the menu. The rest had put theirs down and relaxed. So the waiter came to my side.

And I looked up to see his well-defined nose and nice complexion. Hey, he looks good! I admit that I was smitten. And I find his accent pretty adorable (he ain't local).

The process of making the order became a blur. Even I became blur.

He asked if I wanna take a medium portion for the tomyam, I said yes. He asked if we want to order any prawns? I said yes. Luckily I jolted back to my senses when he asked if I wanna have the seafood version for the hot-plate tofu? I finally said no. Too much seafood already, la.

And yet when I asked for warm water, he asked if I wanna have the hot honey-lemon drink instead? I said YES. Aiyoh, terok ah!

Niwae, after that, Matin make these really funny faces, his face all scrunched up. Turns out, he's 'doing his business' (pass motion) right then. So Tini brought him to the nursing room to change while Dee goes out to smoke.

Leaving me behind. So sad.

And the food soon came. One by one until the table is full. I thought I want to take their pictures but I am very much embarassed to do so. *oh, torture!* But then again, nothing can be worse than sitting down doing nothing so I just whack it. Thickened up my skin and proceed with photo-taking.

Then again, if I don't isolate my thoughts, I'll be so conscious of my surroundings that I'll never get anything done. As they say, seize the opportunity!

I soon got lost in my own world cos' for once, I wasn't in a hurry to take the shots for I have the luxury to arrange the plates in my favour and not worry about depriving others from tucking into their food instantly. It was just the food, my camera and me. I didn't even bother to see if I attract any attention from other patrons.

Tini, me and our food.

Upon their return, while (finally) tucking in, I told the girls that I find the waiter pretty cute. Warh! I tell you, they took every chance to have him come by often and getting ME to order THEIR requests!

When Tini decided to have a glass of chilled drink, who did they call over? HIM (we discovered his name to be Darren). And the person to ask for the drinks menu? ME.

Only 1 time, I was busy munching on a prawn head and looked away from him so Dee had to make the order instead. Hah!

And when Tini asked him about a certain drink, he told her it's sprite with GRENADE syrup! *warh, got bomb one?!*

She got so tickled that she ordered that very drink, anyway. It's GRANADINE syrup, la! Hee. So cute!

Tini, her baby Matin and the *Grenade* drink. It's actually called 'Sparkling Dracula'.

And despite being pretty full, our preggers friend who seem to be craving mangoes, still wanted her glutinous rice with, what else? Mangoes.

And who did they call over? Aiya, no points for guessing, la.

Luckily when it comes to the bill signing, it was the cashier who came over. And she took the folder away right after I signed the bill. Geez!

Was about to give them some tips.... Sheesh! Well too bad Darren. Next time, perhaps.

Heh. Next time, nampak?

Dee & Tini with a sign showing the birthday promotion that we missed out on.

But then again, we need to spend at least $100. That would have been too much food for us. But the dessert looked pretty good. And Darren could have known that my birthdays is coming!

Oh gawd! Somebody slap me. NOW!

Dee & me. Nampak sangat muka contended. Dah kenyang, katakan.

ps: now don't anybody kaypoh-kaypoh troop down to Suntec City and try to look for this Darren fella, ok?!

And no, I don't LIKE him. Just some one-off crazy moment I had. Usually happen when with my girlfriends. Period.

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