Friday, September 12, 2008

more randomness

more randomness

The unearthly hour of 9am (by Orchard Road's standards) saw me wandering aimlessly through the dim, quiet and empty corridors of Takashimaya Ngee Ann City.

Scary, boy.

I must have been ages since I last took a train to Orchard mrt (it's usually the bus or that I alight at Somerset). I almost got lost! I sure as heck wasn't aware that they've diverted the route to Orchard Road. And it's a pretty far walk, actually.

And I stepped out into the morning sun all wide eyed, amazed at where I eventually came out to. Fwah! An additional 5 mins walking distance added to get to Ngee Ann City. Chet!

I've never seen Orchard Road soooo empty and quiet before. I tried to recall back the days of working there. Days when I we took turn being one of the first to arrive to do opening (F&B line). Even then, I'm supposed to punch-in at 10am, earliest.

This had been wayy too early. I am very early, in fact. The seminar start at 9.30am. Not even 9 am and I'm already looking through the windows of Fendi, Chanel and LV.

Apparently, I had underestimated the public transport's efficiency during peak hour. Guess it's been sooo long since I was part of the masses who took the train during peak hour. The heavy traffic that I anticipated at Jln Eunos didn't even occur!

Did my fair share of window shopping, taking the chance to peer really close at the stuff on display cos' save for a couple of busy cleaners, no one's gonna notice my stupid stance anyway.

From level 1 to basement 1. Where benches were unusually empty with the exception of a lone lady with a book (could have been me, there).

Stared at mennequins that seemed to have their eyes eerily look back at you and following your every move. I guess high-end boutiques somehow invested in getting mannequins that looked almost real, from their facial features to their physique, save for their.. erm.. you know.

Gorgeous things, they are. And freaky, too.

And I finally made my way to the seminar. Not before making a fool of myself at the lift lobby because it took me some time to figure out which lifts go to the 12th storey and which don't.

Thankfully I came around that time and not any later for the seats fill up quickly around the heeeyuge conference table. I've only seen such tables in dramas on tv and to think that I'm here having a seminar at a very similar table? Wow.

And I finally realised why. I was actually in the presence of some bigwig professionals of this industry and I soon broke out in a sweat. Doesn't help that my boss was late. Oh man!

Later on, had a consequential discussion with my bosses in their car, on the journey back to the office about family life.

Apparently my boss (the hubby) freaked out upon hearing that the gov't had extended the maternity leave to 4 months. My colleague and I will be getting married within 2 months of each other and he was worried about us having our maternity leave in a way that will drive him to desperation. Haha!

His wifey let out that he was keen about planning this with us. Can you imagine that?! He embarrasingly retort back that he was just joking about it. Heh.

Yes, these are my bosses that I'm talking about.

Anyway, I realised that my colleagues had no idea that I was at a seminar. I remembered having told them about it. Guess I made it sound so casual that it sounded more like a (forgettable) passing remark. Haiz.

Gonna have a pampering spa session tomorrow! Been ages since I been to one since I refused to sign up for a new package at a previous spa that I patronise with my mum.

Have to go all the way to Orchard Road just for spa, no need ah!

But tomorrow is a birthday promotion that I took up at the one where my gym is. I decide to add in a full body scrub just for the fun of it.

Can't wait!!!!!!! 8D

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