Saturday, September 27, 2008

goodbye perms 2

Adiós curls
part Deux

This had been his reply to my intention to have a haircut.

Yesterday was the 1st time we meet after that exchange. In all my innocence (I don't thing I've done anything wrong -conscience clear!) I came forth and saw THAT look on his face.

Something that goes along the line of: *gah!* or *erkkk?!*

"SO short?!"

I was all... *uhhh?!*

Then... *giggle*
(ok, this is a silly trait I have. i giggle whenever i encounter any negative situation. be it when i'm scared, nervous or apprehensive. i just giggle).

"I thought you say 'just TRIM' ?"

"Ermm... They TRIMMED too short??"

Later on, he'll just run his hand through my hair and I'll hear that exasperated *tsk!* and a slight shake of his head.

Yes, yes, I know you ain't happy... :P


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