Saturday, September 27, 2008

in the kitchen

in the kitchen

After the cookie-baking saga with my mum the other night, I became more determined to do this instead.

No baking needed and I can easily make use of that box of cornflakes, seeds and nuts all at one go.

Another good reason is... Chocolate! mmmmm... me LOVE chocolate!

Double boiling Hersheys choc chips with a glob of nutella.

The outcome.

A mix of the existing cornflakes and Rice Krispies.

Slice almods, diced alomonds, sliced (peeled) pumpkin seeds, plain pumpkin seeds.

yeah, it's gotta be GREEN paper cups. don't ask why.

Chocolate crunchies!

After all that back-breaking act of putting the muck into the cups, got a hefty portion eaten by my bro that very night and another small bottle shall go to my grandma's.

Now I remember why I hate making all this paper cup cookies.... Pfft!

Later in the afternoon, my mom and I came together to whip up a quick pasta dish.

However, my mum got a little ambitious with the prep and we end up with an abundant amount of ingredients for the aglio olio.

Aglio Olio

Mix of penne and angel hair.

Mushroom, prawns, squids, cheese sausages, yellow & red bell peppers...

I got more fillers in this dish than the pasta itself.

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