Monday, September 29, 2008

my birthday

t'was my birthday

Ran some errands that Saturday night with my mum and ended up fetching my bro from work.

The best part about it all? Simply wearing my PJs and crocs cos' I thought that I'll just drop by them places. Besides it's at night.

I sure didn't expect having to top-up the petrol eventually (fuel gauge hovering at 'E' already!) and thickened-up my skin to walk around the petrol station wearing all that. Thank goodness for my bro. I can live through doing the craziest of things with him around, seriously.

We drove through the ECP to catch some of the F1 action (or what's left of the qualifying rounds) and was amazed at how brightly lit the place had been and how much of the crowd remained even late that night. Well, it's Saturday...

Came back in time to watch the last bits of the Man U-Bolton match. And when my-other-half (MOH) called, I went into the room. A little after midnight, MOH had asked, "Your family still awake..?"

"Yup, we're in the 'sporting mood'. My dad just woke up to watch from F1 to soccer.. Why?"

"They never wish happy birthday?"

"Hmm... We're like that. We dun really..."

My conversation was interrupted by my mum bursting (literally) into the room, calling me by a stupid nickname derived from a stupid incident that happened before we came back, not realising I was (still) on the line.

"Eeiii.... ******! Happi Birthday!!!" And came over to hug and kiss my cheeks before handing me a black paper bag.

The logo on the bag is that of a timepiece retail.

No surprise there. My bro had grown tired of figuring out what to get me and bluntly asked, instead. But no, I eventually decide it's not feasible to get the phone cos' I still have a contract tied with my current service provider and may incur a penalty charge for that new phone.

So I asked for a watch for work, instead. I finally grew up and decide that despite getting to have many varieties of watches to wear, dirt cheap watches die on you pretty fast and they'll eventually cost more than a single, expensive watch worn over a period of time.

So I asked for a watch - metal strap. Big one. Not circular faced.

"Men's watch?" he asked.

I nodded.

As my cousin Dzul had called, 'Jam Jantan'.

But I sure as hell didn't expect THIS after I carefully opened the wrapping!

what the...?!

Cue the ubiquitous Bengawan Solo song in the background, ala the ad. Images of Chow Yun Fatt & Andy Lau came to mind....

....Wow! Trust my bro....

Metal-strap, not round-faced, large watch.

All requirements met!


Ok, I meant to zoom in on the date but noticed that when the letter 'U' was covered, it read: 'TITS' instead. Haha!

I gave a step-by-step description to MOH as I opened the present. By the time I saw the watch, I dumped the phone onto the bed (in my excitement, I totally forgot he's still there, on the other line) and rushed out to thank my parents, kissing their cheeks as I did it.

Looked for my bro but he was outside, smoking. So I yelled my word of thanks to him (forgetting it's already past midnight). I know little as to what he's feeling right then.

I had mistaken his deadpan face as that of embarassment when I praised him for his nice choice. It turned out to be something else.

That night in the darkness as I prepared to sleep, he texted me from the other room. I can't recall, word-for-word whatever he said. Despite the casual manner of expressing it, I know how weighed-down it was. By the sadness of the fact that it's my last birthday celebration as simply his sister.

His only sister. His only sibling.

I took it lightly and replied casually, "Dun go all emo on me. Heh. Are you crying?"
That last bit was added jokingly cos' I tot' I heard some sniffling from inside his room.

Before he could reply, it dawned upon me that he MIGHT be crying, all right. I have known very well, how emotional he can be.

He texted back, "Dun be a busybody and just mind your own business." More sniffling, I heard.

Erm..... I wasn't being cold or heartless when I say that I didn't feel the same way he did. Maybe I just don't feel it YET. But I'll be lying if I say that it didn't affect me.

I listened intently as his sniffling slowly quiet down and he went to the bathroom (prolly to wash his face). I finally closed my eyes when his snoring can be heard, softly, but surely....

I dread the day I break down. I know I will.

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