Monday, September 01, 2008

photo album

finally, i got it done!

I'm horrible when it comes to getting tasks done. But I sure make a darn good procrastinator.

When was it that I got engaged...? 23rd Dec 2007?

That was like EONS back..!

My mum nagged until she got tired and nagged no more.

In fact, I think she EVEN forgot she's nagged.

And yesterday, print my engagement photos, I did. Woo hoo!

Albeit being 9 months too late. A pregnant woman would have already given birth by now.

I didn't even intend to print them actually. However, my usual routine of hitting the gym after dropping my parents off at Joo Chiat for their course got hampered by the fact that I can't get a parking space at Joo Chiat Complex yesterday.

Thankfully I got my thumb drive with me and I got something to do to pass the time while waiting for my parents to be done.

Off to Parkways Parade I go. Took only 1 hour to print and that include the super-8R sized family photo.

Just in time for the gathering at my cousin's place, where relatives from my paternal side came together to help inspect the wedding favours that my parents ordered. Yes, they've already been delivered. Kiasu, eh?

I bought the album on a whim, without really inspecting it. Thankfully it's just what I wanted. I totally dig that bronze exterior.

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