Monday, September 08, 2008

random dee-dum

oh, such randomness!

me: The F1 race falls on my birthday. How come no one offered to get me the tix?

(3 days later)

bro: I asked biskut (a friend working in the tourism industry). He said the available tickets for F1, the view ain't so great.

me: erkk..? You ACTUALLY intend to buy me the ticket??! aiyah, no need la! Who will accompany me then?

bro: So what you want for your birthday?

My bro can never be so blunt.

bro: More Arsenal stuff?

me: Nooo! No more!

bro: Then..?

me: (cheshire cat mode) I want a new phone!

bro: what phone..?

me: iphone! (darn you, Jimmy!)

bro: ... Ok, I'll discuss with Daddy.

That aside, now I have another issue.

I think I prefer the HTC Touch Diamond now.


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