Tuesday, September 23, 2008

goodbye perms

Adiós curls

Curls, semi-curls, waves. Whatever's left of my perm from months back (hey, takes a Korean brand for it to last THAT long!).

I didn't even wait for my hair to fully straighten out before I had 1/2 foot of my locks snipped away. Yes, all 6 inches of it.

I had rushed to the salon for I had felt signs of PMS, meaning the big 'P' is hovering near. Gotta' have my hair cut before that!

Now I got a new look for Raya! Well, just something to help me look forward to it cos' I'm just thinking of it all as being sooo dreary.

What with it gonna be my last celebration as my parents only daughter, my brother's only sister and NOT somebody's wife. My last Raya with my family. Sigh...

Ok, back to happier things!

I feel sooo much lighter now. My head, I mean. No sign of any previous perms whatsoever. After 2++ years, I'm back with my straight hair! Woo hoo!

My mum's pretty gleeful, I know. She had wished that I be more daring to experiment with my hair, like herself back in her heydays. She proclaimed my style to be 'boring'.

She did remark that I look like my secondary school self, though. Greeeat!

Even with my long waves, I was assumed to be fresh outta' school, what more now? Don't I even look like I'm getting married soon? Pfft!

She added, "What does HE (my other-1/2) have to say about this?"

"Who cares? It's MY hair!"

I recalled the sms I sent him, informing him of my intention. I had thought of 'asking' him but I realised that it's up to me, after all. As of now, his preference for my hair to be on the long side shouldn't have mattered. Not yet, anyway.

"Not too short", he replied.

Hmm. We'll see. We'll see..... *smirks*

You go girl!

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