Thursday, September 18, 2008


what cures forgetfulness??

So sure was I that I'll be able to make my way to gym yesterday evening....

Anyway, a big shoutout to dear, dear Tini who unwittingly rescued me from making another wasted trip to the gym - yet again. And be my cashier for that evening.

Thank you so much, babe!

She had asked me to break fast with her at Bugis and keep her company till her hubby fetched her later that nite. And only upon getting there did I realise that I had left my wallet (of all things) at home!

Imagine if I did make my way to gym yesterday. No gym card, no locker key. Yes, THAT same locker key. Man!

And Tini, the sweet friend that she is, was more than happy to buy me dinner yesterday. And even gave me change for desserts later!

After all, she had offered, thru' msn, to treat me that evening, since I don't mind keeping her company. Naturally, I was a bit paiseh (embarassed) to oblige. In the end, I'm left with no choice..

And thanks to her, I finally get my piping hot bowl of fried fish bee hoon. Something that I've been intending to get since months back. I was nonplussed about either having milk in the soup w/o chili padi (bird's eye chili) on the side or have chili padi w/o milk in the soup.

In the end I settled for the latter. Having soup w/o chili is like... like having burger w/o the sauce. You get me..? Yeah, something like that.

Why not get both, you may ask?? Well let me ask you back. After a day of fasting (read: no food, no water) do you think that you can stomach fiery hot chili AND milk together?? Unless you wanna make the runs or enjoy having this really queer sensation in your belly.

And with the change that she insist I keep, I got meself another thing that I've contemplated having for the longest time - chocolate eclairs from Beard Papa.

Thank you once again, Tini.

The outing to Geylang, just keep your purse in the bag. From Ramly burgers to ayam perchik (grilled chicken in peanut sauce), kebabs to chempedak goreng (deep-fried battered jackfruit), everything will be on me!

... Provided I remember my wallet, of course! *winks*

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