Wednesday, November 12, 2008

office foods

office foods

Despite the rainy weather during the whole of yesterday, my colleague Sri thought of eating ice-cream that evening.

Since we're lazy busy, I choose the easiest option: McDelivery.

Sri got herself the hot fudge sundae while I was seriously considering the Mudpie McFlurry that my cousin recommended.

The operator told me that it's no longer available and recommended their new offering, the 'Cornetto' version instead. Yes, that Wall's ice-cream.

I was like, "Huh? How's that? What's in it?"

"Oh, there's choc fudge, peanuts and chocolate chips. It's really nice!"

I wasn't really keen on the peanut part but I'm game for new things anyway so I took it.

mcD's 'Cornetto' McFlurry

Imagine my surprise when I saw loads of biscuits crumbs in my ice-cream instead. But they looked suspiciously like crushed ice-cream wafers.

Not that I mind. I love crunchy stuff! And I dun really fancy peanuts anyway. Maybe it's a slip of the tongue on the operator's part.

Those teeny-tiny choc chips were just so cute!

I was contented with just these 2 ingredients. After mixing in the hot fudge at the bottom of the cup, I got this sick feeling- the kind you get when something was too rich, too sinful.

fish-shrimp & chips

Move away LJS! When it comes to shrimps, I got another winner (the other is Popeye's). Fresh medium-sized shrimps which retain their juiciness, coated with crispy breadcrumbs and fried till golden-brown.

Fish is a tad limp, but it's nothing that the crispy breadcrumbs coating can't rescue.

And the best? They accepted my request for unsalted fries. I got them piping hot cos' they fried a new batch for me.

Man, suddenly thinking of the Popeye's popcorn shrimp burger that I have yet to have.... And their Mashed Potato. ANd coleslaw. And cajun fries.... Need-to-go-there!


winda said...

wah wah wahhhhh. where are the shrimps from!

CT said...

the kind of western food stalls u might get in neighbourhood coffeeshops.

actually kan, goreng sendiri punorite jgak.