Monday, May 10, 2010

more random eats

Oh fish! I really need to get inspired...

Individual photos call for them to simply fall into the 'random' category.

Grilled chuka idako

My sis-in-law ordered these Chuka Idako (seasoned baby octopus, done Japanese style) during a recent family chalet cum bbq. From what I remember, these things are usually eaten cold as a side dish. However seeing it all skewered up like that and the local tendency of preferring their food eaten hot; we grill it just like the satay.

Thing is, the seasoning that coat these baby octopus were on the sweet side so naturally sweet things burn pretty easily at the grill, even before they got crisp. :P

That got the elders got all curious about the 'red sotong'. But they taste good all the same.

Chicken chop

Ordered from one of those western food stalls at your typical neighbourhood coffee shop. This kinda' thing rocks. In fact, better that the western fare served in some pricey restaurants out there. Portion-wise and even in terms of the taste.

The fillet of chicken thigh, though a little inferior compared to the one from Western Chow; tasted a little more than just decent and is not dry. The sauce, though the amount appeared a little measly, carried the robust black pepper taste without much of its heat.

The coleslaw was so-so. The thin shoestring fries are so typical, you should know how they're like. That bun rocked btw. I love those soft buns!

Let's not get to that straight-out-of-the-can baked beans shall we. That one is hopeless, la (makes a pretty decent dip for the fries, though)!

Well, I shouldn't complain much when it cost all of $5...

Fish & chips

And this platter here is merely $4.50.

That price just seem so old skool, rite? And the length of that piece of bread-crumbed fish fillet is the diameter of the plate!

Not exactly a healthy meal for lunch but it works well when you crave for something... well... sinful. When you're stressed, y'know?

Chicken, mutton & beef tripe satay w/ the works

Satay bought from one of the better stalls at East Coast Food Centre. But it sure is weird should we be seated near a certain satay stall yet we bought from another? Or that we ordered seafood from a stall that also sell satay yet we bought satay from another?


Anyway, my hubby asked for mutton so we got that for our red meat option instead of the usual beef. Tasted a little gamey and more tough. I would really have preferred the beef.

Both the chicken and tripe meat were tender and well-marinated. I like that the satay here was cooked nicely. The meat was cooked through and tentalisingly charred at the edges.

Kinda' missed the ketupats that used to come with the satay instead of these slices of lontong that's becoming more of the norm nowadays. Where else can we get that aside from the satay stall at Haig Road?

Cereal Prawns

This was the only dish that we ordered from our favourite seafood stall - Adimann Seafood. That day my mum decide to go back to ordering the usual stuff from a stall that we used to frequent - Musa Ikan Bakar BBQ; to see what we've missed all this while.

I dare say that we didn't miss much. All of us agreed in unison that next time, we should just stick to Adimann. However, I'm curious about this Halal Chinese BBQ seafood stall on the other side of the food centre... I hope to give that stall a try someday.

Hubby first thought that we'll be ordering from that stall. From his expression, he seemed to have taken a liking the the food from there. Hmm...

Anyway, this has gotta be my favourite version of the now ubiquitous cereal prawns (available at almost all zhi char places!). A good reason is that they don't skimp on the curry leaves and chili padi. Also, they actually use the Nestle (Nestum) brand of cereal which is kinda premium in my book.

And mind you, they serve a pretty big portion for this one. That includes the size of the prawns.

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