Monday, May 03, 2010

random eats

Eh, I almost forgot to post this. Been in draft-mode since... last week?

These are just random posting of foods from last week or so.

macaroni in creamy cheese sauce & mexican drumlets

Cooked a pot of this the night before, as requested by my bro; with some good-size tiger prawns for added flavour. He wanted to bring some to work early that morning. We ran out of his fave pasta, the penne so I used these humongous macaroni instead.

I only managed to grab a block of Kraft Cheddar cheese and a carton of full-cream milk from the petrol station late that night. I would have preferred some parmesan and evaporated milk so that I can make Mac&Cheese instead.

Anyway, I woke up only to be told by my mum that she and my dad had finished up the sauce. So I cooked another batch for myself. This time, I got pretty indulgent with my garlic & onion bits. Lazy to peel & clean them prawns so I just deep-fry these mexican drumlets as a side.

McD's Cinna Melts

The most talked-about and overrated item a fortnight ago. Or was it last month?

I ate it right after it was cooked and ended up scalding my tongue in the process. This is best eaten hot, when the sugar have not yet fully caramalised so it ain't that sweet.

Once it cool down, that's when the cloying-sweetness really kick in that you realise that this thing is just not worth the hype.

Cakes from Cedele

My lady-boss came in and joyfully remarked that she's bought us some cakes. I was crestfallen to see Cedele Depot's brown/orange box. Last I recall, their cakes ain't that very nice.

This time, she bought us the (L) Real Dark Chocolate Cake (choc. fudge cake with a hint of mocha flavour), (C) Chocolate Banana Espresso Cake (I don't recall any coffee taste with this one but I like the strussel on top), (R) Chocolate Truffle Cake (very rich taste!).

Ok, some of their cakes are pretty nice after all. Just hope my boss buy me the better ones next time...

mee soto

From that popular 'red-signboard' stall @ Adam Road Food Centre. 'Amirah & Nur Aniqah Mee Soto & Mee Rebus'. I finally cave-in after persistent urges from my foodie-of-a-colleague to give it a try.

Been a long time since I queued THAT long for my food. Those huge bagedils (potato patty) seem to be calling out to me while I was still in the queue. Of course I had to order those. Soto is not soto without the bagedil!

The free-to-scoop cili kicap (chili in soy sauce) in the big jar outside makes it tempting to just take a whole scoopful (doesn't help that they use a ladle) but I'm aware of my lower tolerance for spicy stuff nowdays so I controlled the urge and gingerly took a tablespoonful or so.

My verdict? Ok, more like MY MUM's verdict. She of pure Javanese descent, who had sampled a fair share of Soto (which is really Javanese chicken soup) in her 50+ years; declared its taste to be 'not-authentic'. She remarked that the soup had too many spices and she even detected the taste of curry powder in it, which is not right.

Real soto, she said; should have a robust chicken taste (free range or 'retired chicken is used to prepare the stock) and only a slight hint of spices.

Authentic or not, I have to agree with others who willingly queued for this stuff that it sure taste good. Especially on a cold, rainy afternoon. Shiok! The only issue is for me to have a personal debate with myself, whether to queue for this or the equally famous Selera Rasa nasi lemak the next time I'm there.

I want their chicken wings!!

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