Wednesday, April 28, 2010

TCC desserts

This was from ages back. Boss asked if we'll be interested in some desserts, post lunch.


How can we say no?

TCC = ...

I like those. My take..?

This Cheesy Chick. That'll be me, for even attempting.

Snowy Espresso

My boss kept flipping the pages, going back and forth, determining his choice of coffee. His choice for coffee had been easy. Problem was the fact that he's at TCC. Do you have any idea how many varieties of coffee drinks they have?

After contemplating the size, flavour, mix etc... He chose one that came in the smallest of glasses. A single shot of espresso with caramel & cream - in a short SHOT GLASS. All of 3.5 inches tall.

Not that he hadn't been warned. There was this characteristically cute waitress who was over-zealous in her explanations & recommendations and she kept reminding him as to how small the portion for that one was.

ChocoNana Parfait

My choice of dessert.

A single scoop of chocolate ice cream at the bottom, with a layer of chocolate parfait, topped with a couple of chocolate biscuits, a stick of choux pastry and a fence of nicely-arranged sliced bananas with oodles of whipped cream. Oh, and that thin chocolate disc with the TCC logo.

Caramel Soy Pudding & Citrus Jello

A colleague's choice.

My first comment was that it looks like Creme Caramel. My boss remarked that it looked more like a flan. Well, it turns out that 'flan' is the general name for this wobbly custard (the milk replaced with soy) pudding, after all.

There's this jelly at the bottom of the martini glass that has a light citrus & gingery flavour. Then topped with more ooddles of whipped cream, cut strawberries, marshmallows and and stick of loveletter-esque wafer roll.

Dark Devotion

Another colleague's choice.

Warm chocolate lava cake topped with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream and covered with this interesting-looking tuille with specks of black sesame seeds. Then there's dollops of berry compote on the sides, with fresh cut-strawberries.

My boss was eager too see the liquefied chocolate inside so he had the honour of doing the 'first cut'. The 'lava' flowed out alright, albeit a little to easily.

"Not cooked enough," he said. Here's coming from someone who had the 'best lava cake' whenever his friend got down to baking them.

TCC do have great-tasting desserts alright. Not too sweet (very good - in my books). And given the presentation, one can see that they're meticulously prepared. And I like the variety of items available in a single serving.

Oh, with this dessert-outing, I finally got to use my TCC membership card after like... 3 years?? 15% off my boss's treat! =)

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