Sunday, April 04, 2010

adimann seafood

After the previous unsuccessful attempt to have our meal there, we come back with more resilience. Brought along a distant relative who's based in Blakang Padang (10mins boat ride from Batam). We took him sight-seeing at Changi Airport and was pretty hungry by then.

Despite it being a weekend, we came to East Coast Lagoon Food Centre at ard 4pm, so it's pretty easy to get a parking lot and our desired seating (the gazebo that faced the lagoon).

coconut drink

A refreshing, cooling drink for that hot afternoon. It came with ice-cubes inside. Seeing the warning look on my mum's face (iced drinks not good for women who just gave birth), I hastily fished them out.

Honestly speaking, I'm glad the ice was in there long enough to chill the drink a bit. It's a hot afternoon after all.

beef & chicken satay

Starters. Hah!

How can one resist ordering when nearly all the stalls have someone furiously fanning away at the charcoal grill? The aroma of freshly-grilled (marinated) meat and slightly charred scent in the air...

fried calamari

Highly recommended by my colleague whom I recommended the stall to. The previous time I was here, I had the cereal prawns (which was superb, btw). This time I ordered this. The calamari was fresh, nicely springy and come in fairly-sized pieces. The batter was nicely-spiced and crispy.

But don't take too long to finish this or the batter will get soggy over time.

ikan bakar - grilled fish

My mum was hemm and hawing as to what fish to have as she scanned through the fresh catch on the ice-bed. I can see that she was tempted to have the lone red grouper.

So I said, "The red one looks good..."

Immediately, she pointed at that fish. Heh.

The fiery-red sambal that's spread over the fish wasn't that spicy after all. Love that cinchalok in that tiny saucer, there.


The ubiquitous kangkong belachan & kailan in oyster sauce.

fish soup

I don't say I regret ordering this but I felt that this dish was unnecessary. The other soup available is the tom yam and we were in no mood for anything spicy after the ikan bakar.

I think they used either the sea bream or the red snapper. Thick cuts of fish fillet which I sadly can't appreciate because I was pretty full by then.

Ah, well...

My dad kept raving and raving about this stall. How the food is fresh and tasty. And the prices are reasonable, too.

I still can't forget their cereal prawns....

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misriey said...

i so agree with ur dad... amazingly for seafood & the price is a great deal... 2 thumbs up! hope the cook stays longer & the quality stays too..