Friday, April 09, 2010

cbtl brekkie

That morning, I set out to Downtown East alone in search for McD's Deluxe breakfast. Thing was, I'm alone and my self-esteem's nowhere up there when I'm gonna eat alone so I was hoping and hoping that McD won't be crowded..

Fat chance! I got jittery as soon as I saw that there's no available seats left. So I went for my 2nd option. KFC. Also packed. Huhu...

Well, it's Sunday morning after all. I really thought people won't bother to wake up early on a rainy morning like that... ):

I gave BK a miss since I've had their breakfast recently and settled for the last option, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf (CBTL), which was almost empty. ahhh... Comfort at last!

salmon & egg muffin set

Of course, with coffee. Okay, I'm not sure of the name for the sandwich, there but it goes along that line. There's smoked salmon, there's egg in between muffins! Sounds a bit like something from McD, doesn't it?

Initially, I thought of their Break-O-Day set but I remembered not being impressed by it. I've already had the Egg Benedict previously. Then I saw the word, 'smoked salmon' and I finalised my choice. I love salmon - be it smoked, sashimi, breadcrumbed or teriyaki.

up close, inside

I've always wondered how the staff at CBTL prepared the food when they don't have stoves. By now I figured out that they used the microwave oven. Even for the eggs.


I thought for sandwiches like this, the egg is supposed to be soft and runny (albeit slightly)? That-was-one-overcooked-egg. I dislike having my egg overdone. Oh, I don't know how I could have tolerated such dry yolk.

If not for the salmon, salad and coffee, I would have discarded this. And I'm not one to waste my food.

All in all, it's quite a healthy breakfast...

And I'm still thinking about McD's Deluxe brekkie!

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