Tuesday, February 09, 2010


salmon belly sashimi

This. Is. Such. An. Indulgence!

I guess the price easily tell you that. A slab of salmon belly sashimi that sets you back a little over $8.

Then again, it's the salmon BELLY. I was apprehensive about having all this for myself because this part of the fish is just so... Fatty. The slices are covered in these whitish lines not unlike the wagyu beef. Lines of fat that make this a much sought after portion of the fish, hence the pricier tag that comes with it.

Soft meat, rich in flavour and almost melt-in-the mouth texture in the mouth. Such decadence!

So much for me worrying that this is 'too much-too rich' for me to enjoy on my own... I ACTUALLY finished them without realising. The colleague who bought me this was laughing away saying, "I told you, sure can finish one! Very nice, rite?"


raw octopus in wasabi sauce

Yes, your read right. Raw octopus. RAWWWWW!

It's been my dream to eat raw octopus. Please don't ask me why I would dream of such a disgusting thing. Maybe I've been watching too much Korean food documentaries and it's no secret that Korean do eat their octopus raw. Some even ate it while its still in one piece - ALIVE!

That must have gotten me all curious because in my book:
Live & Raw = Fresh.
Fresh = Sweet.

So when my colleague, the ultimate foodie told me that he had raw octopus at Sakuraya, I was exhilarated. And the best part was that it was seasoned together with WASABI - my love.

As luck will have it, he was to head for Parkway Parade later that day and offered to get me this.

all slimy and gooey..

..but really, really nice!

Ah well, to each his own. I guess it's a matter of taste and preference.

Raw small octopus, cut into small morsels and mixed with wasabi, soy sauce and some chili.

I know what you might be asking. Contrary to popular belief, each octopus morsel is NOT tough. Yes, slightly chewy but it's comfortable to the bite. And it's definitely not fishy.

It's definitely delectable - to me, that is. What with the wasabi giving the added zing to this dish. A bit of warning, though. They are a bit generous with that horseradish so when I got excited and took continuous bites of this, I got the 'wasabi high'.

You know, that tears at the eyes, the itch on the scalp and the sting from the nose to the brain.

Now THAT makes me delirious.

Oh, oh... Even better. I took the 'shiso' (perilla) leaf that's used as a garnish with the salmon belly and wrapped it around the last few bits of octopus and put the whole package in my mouth.

Next thing I know, I was bent over the table, face-down with both arms outstretched, hands clenched and my eyes tightly shut. And my colleague was snickering away at my antic.

Wasabi + the peppery 'shiso' leaf = Super zing/high! -_-

If only they topped this with some chopped scallions. It's could have tasted more refreshing.

ok, one more shot!

Haha. Gross, I know.

See lah. So excited to eat until the shot got out-of-focus..!

PS: These would have gone really well with piping hot Japanese rice topped with toasted sesame seeds and seaweed flakes... Yum!

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