Sunday, February 21, 2010

burger king breakfast

I realised that these photos had remained inside my collection without my blogging about them....

Pardon me but this was the breakfast I had with my bro, right after we sent our parents off at the airport, when they went for their Hajj. When was that? Somewhere in Nov last year (egad!).

Since both of us weren't due to arrive at our workplace till' afternoon that day, we decide to take our time with breakfast (what irony- by having fast food) and go all the way to Burger King at East Coast Park for a meal with a view.

Enormous Omelette Sandwich - my bro's order.

Ordering this makes for 1 sinful breakfast. Reminds me of Michael Phelps's 12000-calorie-a-day diet.

Let's see... 2 layers of omelettes (I wonder how many eggs are used), 2 layers of cheese, 2 chicken patties and some crispy turkey bacon.

Oh, how indulgent!

I never ordered this for myself, no matter how tempted I got. Too scared. For my arteries, I mean.

Breakfast King Sandwich- my order.

I always order this. Simple reason. The greens.

Problem is, I always hem & haw about which meat option to choose. I love the turkey bacon but they aren't satisfying. The sausage (patties) are too filling. The ham fills me nicely but are too salty.

But it's damn syiok!

hash brown(s)

I dare say that these are my favourite.

All hash browns kinda taste the same, actually. But these golden coins are such fun to nibble on and coming in small pieces, they can easily be kept for later when unfinished.

Besides, all these pieces combined, definitely make more than 1 of McD's hashies, right?

I'm now curious to try the breakfast offering at KFC & Long John Silvers... Especially after reading this.

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