Friday, February 12, 2010

KFC's egg tarts

portugese egg tarts

When I passed by the KFC at White Sands and saw the promo poster for this, I was surprised. I mean, hello? Egg tarts..? KFC...? What kinda' gimmick is this?

They even put: "Authentic recipe of Macau" & "Freshly baked daily".

What, they're slowly converting into a bakery now? Yeah, in other words, I was skeptical.

Well, not for long. For I saw a friend commenting about these egg tarts on FB and she mentioned that they were good. Ok, I'm starting to get reaaally curious.

A week down the road, my colleague also gave them her thumbs-up. That's it. Gotta' try for myself!

I bought 2 boxes (total = 1 dozen) for I thought that my in-laws and family might still be around. Turns out, they left early. So it's 1 dozen for just my immediate family a.k.a more for myself!

I left the boxes on the kitchen counter while I washed up, greet the baby etc. Despite all that and not forgetting the journey back home, the tarts still remain warm. Really crispy at the first bite. And the egg custard is definitely yummy! Not to mention the 'caramelised sugar' surface that's sooo like crème brûlée.

This is wayyy better the the one I blogged about previously and that one was bought in a real confectionery!

Despite the good reviews from others, I still dare not hold any expectations; naturally, I got surprised by how good this actually taste. I don't really know how authentic this is or how it measure up to other egg tarts in the industry because the halal market for these egg tarts are pretty small so my knowledge if it is very limited.

However, that friend in FB is Chinese, pretty well-traveled and loves sourcing for good food. So I guess she knows her stuff.

At $7.50 for 6, the pricing seem pretty steep but it's worth the buy, I'd say.

PS: Taiwan's KFC not only sell these, they have other fancier versions as well!

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