Monday, October 19, 2009

portugese egg tart

portugese egg tart

From this bakery, D' Pastry, located nearby the office - along the main road of
Ubi Avenue 2 (same row as those famous suckling pig shops). Oh, it's neighbours with the OCK branch there.

Sales seem to be especially brisk during lunchtime, when office ladies stop by for a quick sugar fix. Their cheesecakes slices cost only $3.90 each and they have durian schtuffs, like durian cake, durian crepes etc.

They also have savoury pastries like chicken, tuna, sausage pies.

Oh and they're halal-certified, too.

Their stuff are nice, save for the fact that their pastry is a tad too greasy/buttery for my liking.

Yes, that applies for the egg tart, too. Too bad, for the layers look gorgeous! And I personally asked for them to give me "the black-black one!"

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