Wednesday, October 07, 2009

fruzen yoguz

My latest craze... Fro-yo.

Fro - WHAT???

Frozen yogurt, la. Something's telling me that yet another new craze has hit our shores...?

I mean... there's:
- Yami Yogurt (the longest to helm the froyo market here)
- Slurps + Scoops (supposedly under Yami Yogurt?)
- Berrylite
- Yoguru
- Frolick
- Red Mango
- Fro-yo
- Glacious

... Aside from Yami (which already have numerous branches) there are those above that already had more than 1 branch here.

Well, not that I'm complaining. I mean, this stuff is supposed to be healthy, rite? Okay, fine.. at least HEALTHIER than... ice-cream, donuts and bubble tea.. etc.

And then there's this - Fruzen Yoguz ~ the yogurt design factory. Newly opened at White Sands Shopping Mall, replacing an ice-cream shop's premise (does that indicate anything?).

MY choices

It's prime location right at the main entrance is totally hard-to-miss. So much so that I got the urge to drop by there everytime I saw it whenever I exit from the MRT station.

And that tagline -"The yogurt design factory" brings on a concept that's new to this whole fro-yo scene and I'm totally digging it. Well, one have got to try something to stand out amongst all that competition I guess.

Everything is D.I.Y here. Make your own combo with all the various fro-yo flavours and toppings which range from fresh fruits, to chocolates and cereals.

They then charge you by the weight of your cup ~ 30cts per 10g (they're currently having a grand opening promo ~ 20% disc. till sometime this month).

Isn't that cool? I'm a sucker for varieties and I can go crazy just figuring out which topping(s) to complement the flavour I chose!

If you see the pic above, I had topped my Mango-Tango (new flavour!) fro-yo with FIVE different toppings. I simply took 3/4 of the usual portion of the fro-yo to create more space for my toppings of fresh strawberry & kiwi, canned peach, muesli and coco pops.

The cashier must have been amused to see this pregnant lady going bonkers with their array of toppings (I tried my best not to be messy).

Guess how much my combo cost?? I can't really recall the weight but I paid only $4.70 for it.

Sooo affordable, can? Now I got a good answer for my sugar-fix!

PS: I joined their FB fanpage and they informed me that they created a new formula for the mango tango flavour... Guess I'll see myself there again.

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Anonymous said...

As a consumer, i am against these DIY... Why? You pay for what your draw even if u make a mistake... Good thing? I prefer to be served and most likely, they'll give me the minimum of what they advertised, like 3 oz, 5oz or whatever... Hygene is another problem, especially the numerous number of people touching the handles and the toppings... Germ factory... Anyway, to each his/her own :)