Wednesday, October 14, 2009

oh, the things i eat!

...When I'm bored, that is.

myojo tom yam

Not the healthiest of things, I know. In fact, this is wayyy unhealthy.

Never been fond of instant noodles, cos' I'm somewhat intolerant to MSG (mono sodium glutamate). But I guess I tend to give in to erratical thoughts and ideas when I'm truly, truly bored.

I usually consume my instant noodles right at the 2min. mark, because I like my noodles springy and firm. Soggy noodles are just so bleargh! As if these things don't taste bad enough.

Noodle-wise, I like those of the Korean brands. The portion is bigger, the noodles thicker and springier. I'm partial to KOKA's flat rice-noodles too.

Flavour-wise, I do enjoy those Korean kimchi ramen flavours, Myojo's Lor Mee and Tom Yam and Chu Qian Yi Ding's sesame oil. But mostly, I prefer the dry, 'fried' noodles version. Maybe because by having it that way, I'll not be obliged to drink up the soup.

And my mum (who's a borderline health-freak at times) always discouraged us from putting ALL the seasoning in and that has become a habit for me, till' now. Bland flavour? Naaahhh.... Less MSG, that's what matters.

PS: I've been wondering just what appears wrong with that picture... Well, I figured out that the cutlery (stainless steel, Korean made) was placed wrongly. Chopsticks should be on the right, don't they?

Then again, to assimilate with Muslim customs, my mum (yes, dear mum the disciplinarian) always discouraged us from spooning food into the mouth using our left hand as it's considered 'dirty' (left hand is used to wash ourselves). Therefore, it's become a habit of mine to use the chopsticks with my left hand and the spoon with my right.

And thanks to that habit, I'm able to declare myself (slightly) ambidextrous with the chopsticks... =)

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Carrot said...

I like Myojo Tom Yam too! That's the only instant noodles that my grandma buys frequently!