Thursday, October 15, 2009

still bored, i guess

I don't know why but I was surfing around for donuts that day.

By lunchtime, I was determined to head down to Bedok after I knock off, to get my fix from my fave, Munchy Donut.

Munchy's my favourite because of their extensive variety of dark chocolate donuts. Followed by Donut Factory and J.Co.

Somehow, when chatting online with my cousins, one of them mentioned fries and my mind immediately flew to think of Yella Fellas at Bugis. I was reminiscing the Wasabi Mayo & Nacho Cheese topping that I had the other time. I was even considering to get some Chewy Junior puffs while I'm there.

But then I end up knocking off late. So I just thought of giving Dippin' Donut at Ehub! a try since it's near my home. However, I decide that going to Ehub! is such a hassle, when White Sands is right at the doorstep of Pasir Ris mrt.

Now thing is, the one at White Sands is Donut Empire and I never really like their stuff cos' I find theirs to be too sweet for my liking. And by the time I got there, the variety of flavours available seemed pretty dismal.

What I eventually did was to order medium fries from MacD and snack on them while I find something else that's to my liking.

And I end up getting this:

Ya Kun ice-cream toast

Chocolate flavour, no less.

They actually ask, "Do you want the bread to be toasted?"

Why, of course! I'm paying $1.70 just for that. Or I might just as well pay only $1 to get normal ice-cream sandwich from any ah-pek out there.

Part 2

They toasted 2 slices of bread, which they then slice length-wise so that the bread became pretty thin and they cut the whole piece further into 2.

Part 1 of the sandwich had the slab of ice-cream being in slightly frozen state. Part 2, the ice-cream had slightly melted around the edges. Warm, crispy toast with cold ice-cream.... niiice...!

It's thoughtful of them to provide a layer of plastic for a more hygienic and less messy eat.

Cheesecake - courtesy of hubby's cousin

My collegues and I were discussing about cheesecake during lunchtime and I came home to see that my hubby's cousin, who live at the next block, had come by to give us the cheesecake that she baked in school that day.

No, she's not from 'homec' class. She's actually training to be a pastry chef?? (not sure of the actual course) in Shatec. So practical lessons involve the making of real-sized cakes and pastries. Isn't that cool or what??

I was looking forward to her chocolate truffle cake but I miss out on that for I was busy tending to my guests at home, when she brought the cake to my sis-in-law's open house. Huhu!

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