Wednesday, October 21, 2009

baby schtuffs

Let me see.... 3 more days to the 8th month of my pregnancy, I FINALLY bought my first batch of baby goodies!

That was yesterday, by the way.

stuff from Takashimaya

I kept procrastinating and procrastinating till' it's this late.

It dawned onto me, a week back, that I'd already have booked a bed at the hospital and the 8th month can be pretty crucial, seeing how I myself was supposedly born around that period. Besides, if I wait any longer, I'd been much bulkier and of course, lazier to go and buy these things. It's bad enough that I hate shopping. The husband, too.

Thankfully, there's the $100 Takashimaya voucher given by my bosses to somewhat made me a little driven for it. So I strategised...

Knowing just how much the hubby detested Orchard Road, I planned to bring along people who love shopping for company - namely my own mum and mum-in-law. I will take the afternoon off and visit the gynae. Besides my mum's been griping about the fact that I never brought her along to the gynae. As for the mum-in-law, she been talking about eating the ayam penyet at Lucky Plaza, so I plan to head there before shopping at Takashimaya.

Double cases of 'killing 2 birds with 1 stone'. Smart, or not?

When the day arrive, I end up bringing an entourage.

My dad was on mc (but he appeared ok, to me). My mum-in-law brought along her younger daughter and grand-daughter (my sis-in-law & niece). Which was cool.

Seeing that the S-I-L was around my age range and already a mother-of-2 herself, she's a good person to have around to consult. If I had listened to my mum, I might have ended up buying a baby rocker.

It's quite a headache, thinking of what to buy. Oh wait, CORRECTION. I mean, thinking of what NOT to buy- seeing that many had offered several hand-me-downs which I totally don't mind at all, seeing that infants grow quite fast and things like prams and others are already available at home. I even got a breast pump from a cousin. Heheh.

Seriously, all I had in mind was a baby sling/sarong carrier and Avent baby bottles, which were highly recommended. The elders were amused that I would want to spend so much on that sarong carrier when they could have made one out of the REAL sarong anyway.

C'mon, lah. I wanna look a little glam, can? Besides I have to consider the hubby. He'll definitely won't want to use a batik sarong, EVER! (Funnily enough, I bought one in brown...)

In the end, I also got a rubber mat, bed pad, bottle cleanser, breast pads and even a couple of nursing bras. Still got the diapers, my sanitary pads.. what else...?

Ermmm... help? =(

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