Thursday, September 17, 2009

truffs = truffles

My colleague Jim promised us that he'll get us the the truffles from Truffs for Hari Raya.

Yes, this is the same fella who gave us the Sins chocolates for X-mas.

Apparently the chocolatier behind this newly-minted shop is a friend of his and he brought back some samples one day, after he went to their launch.

Oh, that first taste was totally out of this world!

I've never been fond of plain chocolates. But this type of 'plain' chocolate has 3 different textures. From the soft ganache center, to the slightly crisp shell and then the thin cocoa power coating... Oh bliss!

Before that, chocolate truffles, to me, are a 'see-no-touch' affair. Because they're are just too expensive! I can't imagine eating a chocolate ball that's at least $2/pc.

Scarily though, since that first taste.. my mindset changed.

The box for a set of 9 pcs.

That's the minimum number that you can buy, it seemed.


Reminds me of the packaging of Japanese sweets.

70% Honduras

Excerpt from their website:

"For the true dark chocolate lover, the intense taste of this chocolate reveals hints of flowers from the Criollos and Trinitarios trees, the best cocoa beans from the island."

TRUE dark chocolate lover - I AM.

the reveal

Neat, huh?

looks don't matter...

No, these aren't meteors.

another angle

up close

No, it's not asam-boi (chinese preserved fruit snack) either!



DO read


My words here are minimal, ain't it...?

Words can't really describe such exquisite taste... Mmmmm!

These aren't just regular chocolates that one can get off-the-shelves. The taste of this variant of dark chocolate might not be appreciated by many (read: kids). Even some adults find this taste yucky.

Therefore, when I got this package, I had only some people in mind - my choc-loving buddies.
People with whom I went thru' thick and thin to explore the world of desserts.
People whom I know can savour this whole flavour to its' fullest.

I had some of these babies and eventually called them down to take away the package.

2 facts about something nice:
- it is meant to be shared.
- too much of it ain't good.

So there. And please don't be taken aback at the price of these chocolate truffles. Truffles are after all... expensive. And this is Valrhona that we're talking about, ok?

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