Tuesday, September 08, 2009


Well, the past weekend seemed somewhat Japanese-themed somehow. Due to the death in the family, I backed out of the dinner buffet with my cousins.

Somehow, they got the VIP room. So they closed the door and packed some food back. They then called me down to meet them, when they handed be a pack of grilled unagi (freshwater eel).

So sweet of you all. Thanks ya!

When I brought that home, everyone turned away, disgusted. However one of my hubby's aunt, who's more adventurous - physically and gastronomically; upon being offered that, actually scooped some rice, took a slice of omelet and eat that with a couple of slices of the unagi.

assortment of sushi

Courtesy of my sister-in-law.

When I caught sight of those orange pieces of the salmon, I remarked, "Is that what I think it is?"

She sniggered as she kept them in the fridge. "Later we try, ok?"

unagi roll

salmon mayo roll

nigiri sushi

Raw fish or not, I ate them up anyway. Just-can't-resist. One slice won't harm, right??

spicy sushi

Gosh, my tastebuds had gone really low in its tolerance for spiciness that this simple spicy sushi became SUPER spicy to me.

Hope this phase pass after I give birth.

softshell crab temaki


By the time the maghrib prayer call sounded, she had lined all these up on the counter.

However, everyone were rushing to take their ablution for the jemaah prayers, so I managed to wallop the unagi roll and the salmon mayo roll. Delish!

Post prayers, I saw the 'spicy' sushi and got cuirous... Gosh! Bad move.

I'm so gonna go back there for more of this. Thankfully, this is just a mere 10 mins walk from home.

Hope it won't look weird to see a pregnant woman sitting alone in that restaurant, gorging down all the sushis...

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