Thursday, September 10, 2009

eclairs again

Ah, yes. Silly me went browsing into Prima Deli's website when I got bored at work...

Was thinking of their truffle cake and wanted a slice of it. Just too bad, the variety available at the branch in Ehub! just seemed so... pathetic.

So I end up with this baby, here.

Prima Deli's eclair

I used to think that this version from Prima Deli is the holy grail of eclairs.

The first time I had a taste of eclairs was during a cousin's engagement. Someone brought over these box of mini eclairs and I must have gobbled down like 10 of them.

Back then I didn't even know the name of these delightful goodies.

When I described these to another cousin, she went, "Oh, you mean eclairs??"

E - what???

"You should get the one from Prima Deli. Sedaaappp!"

Back then, Prima Deli wasn't as established as they are now. I found out the nearest branch was somewhere in Tampines. And I really did seek it out.

And never looked back since. .

Unlike other conventional eclairs, this one here had the puff cut on top and the chocolate cream nicely piped in. Then there's the chocolate fudge squiggle on it. The puff doesn't only have the fudge, they even sprinkle almond flakes on it.

In terms of presentation, they win hands down. Taste-wise... well, they used to reign supreme in my books, until I was exposed to the world of dark chocolates... It's a whole different realm altogether.

I've yet to find a really tentalising dark chocolate eclair (maybe using Valrhona?)... Anyone with recommendations??

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