Tuesday, September 15, 2009

this is NOT a Ramly burger

Blame it on food blog-hopping.. I came across someone who had burger Ramly in JB and i got really tempted.. The beef patty with wrapped with egg omelette, cheese and all that jazz...


The only time I come across stalls selling burger Ramly is when there's a bazaar of sorts and please dun mention Geylang.. I'm soo not going there...

Despite the fact that I'm like.. 5mins away whenever I took the train from Paya Lebar to get home.

Anyway, as per habit, I head to White Sands to check out my fave temaki (handroll). Sold out. Choco-almond croissants also sold out. waargh!

Then I start thinking of burger Ramly. Was thinking of getting the closest possibility: McD's Double Cheeseburger.

Then I came across Burger King and thought that their burgers are more worth the calories. BUT - I made the mistake of sticking to the same order.

double cheeseburger

I have never ordered this from BK before. How was I to know that it'll so big??? Well.. comparing it to the one from McD....

Should stick to their singles selection instead...

At least when comparing it to the actual Ramly burger... sesame buns - check. Juicy beef patty (patties in this case) - check. Cheese -check.

But no black pepper sauce, mayo or the thin omelet wrapping the patty... :(

Will do, lah.

PS: No, this ain't some craving. This habit of mine - yearning to eat something (especially after food blog-hopping) started since waaay back.

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