Tuesday, February 23, 2010

(more) sashimi & more..!

sashimi moriawase

Mix sashimi platter - my colleague's not fond of maguro (tuna) {because it's an endangered species!} so we only have hamachi (yellow tail), sake (salmon), sugi (cobia/black kingfish), tako (octopus) & ika (squid).

Ordered this twice.


tempura moriawase

Prawn, fish & vegetables (sweet potato, pumpkin) tempura. I wonder where's the okra, mushroom & brinjal gone..? :(

Freshly-fried food just taste so good, especially when coated with batter that's light-as-air. Well, it helps that the food's fresh, too.

grilled ika

Squid grilled with simply salt for taste. Squeeze some lemon juice before taking a bite.

ebi karaage w/ cornflakes

Yeap, deep-fried prawns coated with not just breadcrumbs, but (crushed) cornflakes as well. Can you see them bits..?

Sake Wafu Teppan

Grilled sake (salmon) covered in a special sauce and topped with raw egg (which became 1/2 cooked by the time it got to us.


Copyboy said...

big fan of sushi.

I Own The Internet said...

so tasty hehehehe! It look like it made from 100% taste appeal.
If I could eat computer I would have fork ready!
Thanks for pic