Wednesday, March 03, 2010

kuih jambang/kueh pie tee

Kueh Pie Tee - $3

Just yesterday morning, my gramma-in-law was talking about Kuih Jambang (I hope I got the spelling right, here). I was curious about it so I asked her to describe to me, how it looks like.

She was going on and on about 'crispy cups' filled with shredded/minced meat and topped with chili sauce and coriander leaf. I was thinking that the description seemed familiar.

First thing that came to mind was Kueh Pie Tee, the popular Nyonya delicacy.

When I told her about it, she just laughed it off; saying, "Pai ti means crazy". I don't know how right that is.

But she acknowledged that they are one and the same, just that Kuih Jambang is the Malay name for it and they prefer stuffing it with meat while the Nyonya used veggie fillings similar to the popiah (although some do top it with minced pork).

The picture above was the typical Kueh Pie Tee one finds at regular food stalls, although this one here lacks the one thing that gives its 'oomph' - the boiled prawns on top.

The stall assistant here, though was really generous with the fillings (seeing that the boss isn't around). I especially enjoy the crispy flour bits which he put a WHOLE teaspoonful of, inside there.

Chee Cheong Fun - $1.50

Popular breakfast offering amongst the Chinese community. I like the regular version that similar to one one pictured above.

I remember last time in Geylang Serai market, there's this Malay stallholder that sold the 'Malay-version' of this. The rice roll, with its chilli sauce but there's also a curried mince-meat sauce to top it all off. Very funny concoction.

It was a favourite of mine, back then. Until I discovered this much simpler version, that is.

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