Friday, March 26, 2010

koh nangkam pt II

Continued on from the previous post. More food pics.

Green curry (m) - forgot price

Can't help ordering this again. Taste too good to resist.

I didn't manage to find the terung pipit (pea aubergines) that's normally used in this dish. Instead, I scooped out large pieces of labu siam (chayote). Maybe it worked as a kind of replacement?

Not that they weren't nice, just that I missed the burst of sourish flavour that those tiny veggies give with each bite. It complement this rich-tasting dish pretty well.

Fried Squid Fritters (m) - $8

Doesn't work well as a substitute to my yearning for calamaris.

The different way that the squid was cut make them a lil' chewy. I much prefer our previous order; the Stuffed Squid Fritters.

Fried Kailan w/ Beef (m) - $8

In my opinion, it's more like: Kailan w/ Fried Beef. Because the slices of accompanying beef were fried till' crispy before being added to this dish.

I love the cut of meat that they used here. What malay aunties call: daging kari (curry meat). Tender meat mixed with soft tendons.

Sliced Red Meat (s) - $6

One of my favourite dishes. I can't figure out what gave the sauce its reddish tint but I totally savour the sweetness of it. Maybe it's just me and my Javanese tongue. I can't help liking certains foods that have a sweetish hint to them.

Despite this being a 'beef' dish, there's also a fair bit of kailan in there.

Pandan chicken (m) - $10

Marinated chicken meat wrapped in pandan leaves.

If the previous time, I was disappointed when they sold out on this, now I'm disappointed with this order. I felt that the meat could have been marinated a little more.

Each piece was a thick hunk of meat and the flavour didn't really seep through. I dipped chicken in the red meat sauce for added flavour.

Spicy Fried Fish (large seabass) - $35

I regret not taking a proper picture of this. I was too busy eating and handling the baby. I tell you this has got to be one of the best fried seabass I've ever had! Superb, la dey!

I forgot to specify my preferred size for the fish and they gave me the large one by default.

The huge fish had large sections its flesh cut out, dipped in this fantastic batter and then deep fried. Those fried pieces are then reassembled back on the fish's skeletal remains (also dipped in the batter & fried). It's served with this spicy sambal belacan.

That batter was infused with loads of spices which reminds me of chicken rendang (think lemongrass, onions, galanggal, ginger etc). So flavoursome was it that the fish tasted good on it's own. I told my bro that this makes pretty good fish & chips (albeit an expensive one).

Well, with all that dishes and even that fish, the bill didn't even reach $100! Good food at great prices. Tell me how can I not love this place?

Many thanks to my cousins for recommending the restaurant (the proprietress, a Thai lady, is their former schoolmate's mum).

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