Thursday, March 04, 2010

of bridges & desserts

Robertson Bridge - taken with Hipstamatic application

Ended up somewhere at Riverview-Roberson Walk vicinity after a company dinner one night.

We (2 female colleagues & myself) rejected offers by the boss to hitch a ride to somewhere convenient to get back and chose instead to walk along the river, to Clarke Quay.

It was a nice walk. Where the 3 of us behaved like little girls, enjoying the view, gossiping, giggling and gushing about the gorgeous, classy glassy apartments located along the river. Just too bad it's a weeknight.

Alkaff a.k.a Art Bridge - taken with Hipstamatic application

We could have reached Clarke Quay earlier, had we not stopped often, desperately trying to get a decent shot while camwhoring at night with our camera phones (mine, no flash - gone case).

Sigh, if only I brought my camera along... I can't believe my camera was absent in the first place!
Anyway, our walk to Clarke Quay was like a dessert trail of sorts...

Because this was what we've been aiming for:

dessert spread @ Nectarie

Just too bad we were still full from our dinner, despite all that walking.

The Chicago Cheesy, Double Chocolate Mud Cake, Chocolate Raspberry Tranche and the Chocolate Hazelnut Mousse were all calling out to me!

My bro was due to fetch us and seeing that it will take sometime before his arrival, I quickly placed an order for the slice of Choc. Hazelnut Mousse (can't resist!).

Yes, 3 of us shared it. The mousse layer on top was heavenly and I totally appreciate the thicker-than-usual crunchy praline base... Mmmmmm....!

Gosh, I'm SO going back there (again)... Kai, are you reading this??!

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