Friday, March 12, 2010

Swensen's @ TM

I can't believe my cousin, Imah & I missed the 2-for-1 lunch promo by all of ONE minute (well, according to my watch, anyway)... You should see the smugness on the restaurant manager's face when she told us that, "The 2-for-1 promo is OVER." Eugh!

I remember when I stepped into this Swensen's branch, my eyes can't help but sweep across the restaurant before asking Imah, "What day is it today?"

"Err... weekday?"

"I know, but what day?"

"Wednesday." Geez, it's midweek and that place was reminiscent of a school canteen! The crowd, the noise! Must be due to the promo! *sour grapes talking here*

Well, we finally find time to dine here so I'm not going to skimp back on satisfying myself...

Rodeo wings - $8.50

Starters - Deep-fried chicken wings coated in bbq sauce and black pepper.

Call me silly but I've always wanted to try this out. I can't help it. I always end up ordering something else whenever I dine here (which isn't often, anyway).

Well, one can't go wrong when the batter is that crispy. The tangy sauce is quite alright. I wish that it's a lil' spicy though.... Like buffalo wings, you know?

Lime soda - $5.50

Imah's drink order. Well, it sure looks more like an early dessert order.

She had expected something like what one can expect from Italian sodas. Simply syrup with carbonated water. Who would have thought that it'll be this fancy-schmancy? Lime syrup, soda water, lime sherbet and topped with whipped cream plus cherry. A bit filling, don't you think? They didn't serve this with the long dessert-spoon, though... Need to request. Pfft!

And that shade of green is not due to me fiddling with the colours while editing... It's really THAT colour... Pretty disgusting, no? Looked so fake!

Crayfish Pasta - $16.20

The marinara-esque tomato base sauce is fairly decent, if not boring. I could do with a bit of spice in that. Should have gotten her to ask for some chili flakes.

Crayfish (also known as slipper lobster) is just soo overrated. The amount of meat one gets from that is comparable to a large tiger prawn. But it's nice to nibble on the batter that the crayfish is coated in.

And since this is my non-mushroom-eating cousin, I gleefully get to enjoy her bits of shitake..

Chili Crab Pasta - $16.20

Do you notice how the crayfish pasta seemed overly-garnished? Well, my chili crab pasta actually came with NO garnishing at all. I swiped a sprig of celery stalk from my cousin's dish just so my photo will look a lil' nicer.

I've been aiming to eat this since it first got introduced into the menu and only now do I get to have a taste.. Hmmph!

Deep fried soft-shell crab with... chili crab sauce (how predictable). Mildly spiced (not surprising). I wish the egg in the sauce comes in thicker strands (like the real chili crab sauce) instead of being stirred into the sauce like that. And they're pretty generous with the other bits in the dish like fried fish fillets, crabsticks, mushrooms and capsicums.

All in all it's good enough for me to clean the plate out but not really some thing that I'll order again... Maybe I should just stick to their western main courses instead. At least my curiousity is satiated!

Cookie Summit - $8.50

Imah's dessert order.

In the whole stretch of that tall glass, is just 1 flavour of ice-cream - namely, Cookies & Cream. Well, there are some chocolate-malt balls (a.k.a Maltesers), a lil' bit of choc. fudge and it's topped with whipped cream plus chocolate-coated cherry.

Frankly, this ain't something that I'll order, personally. I'm one who goes for variety so my personal preference would have been the Coit Tower, where there are at least 2 flavours of ice-cream and almonds (I love nuts!), fudge etc..

I don't mind the Sticky Chewy Chocolate, though.

Chocolate Cookies & Cream Mudpie - $8.90

My dessert order.

Honestly, I didn't expect it to turn out to be so big! That single layer is the thickness of a regular cake, ok?

The bottom layer is Sticky Chewy Chocolate ice-cream. On top is of course, Cookies & Cream with cookie base.

I sure don't regret this order.... In fact, I love it!

I actually end up taking off my waist belt and let my dress come loose in all its bouffant glory. I don't care if people think I'm pregnant (again). At least I'm exultant and all contented!

And very, very full. *burp!*

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