Tuesday, March 30, 2010

jelly drink

Lemon flavoured jelly drink

I wonder if there's any of you who have tried this and love it?

I never miss buying this whenever I saw it in the shop fridge. Even when I don't feel like drinking it yet. Because there don't seem to be many places that sell this. Only certain 7-11 branches and some petrol stations. It's the first drink I look for when I enter a shop.

I remember during my pregnancy, I will always buy this whenever I have appointment at my gynae's because the neighbouring 7-11 did stock-up on it.

Soft, lightly-flavored jelly that's best drunk when chilled. I remember asking for a straw when I bought this and the guy at a 7-11 store remarked that it's a jelly drink after all. Oh, he think I never tried drinking it straight out of the bottle? He think that the jelly can't be sucked up a straw?

I can tell you, having tried both ways, nothing can beat the sensation of cold, lemon-flavored jelly delivered straight to the throat (by a straw, no less) on a hot, hot day! Mmmmm...!

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