Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I don't know why I have this affinity for BBQ chicken wings. And mind you, I'm not talking about those self-cooked ones at chalet/bbq gatherings. I'm referring to those sold at food centres. I can't see halal chicken wings. I'll be out to try.

Maybe it stems from the fact that they are not THAT easily available. I know places like Tenderbest & Cavana branches, Lau Pa Sat and East Coast FC. By the way, the one at Lau Pa Sat was pretty bad. Eugh! The ones sold at East Coast FC seemed ok. However seeing the stall seems to sell only that, I have higher expectations since it's supposed to be their speciality.

bbq chicken wings

This one here is from Tenderbest @ Downtown East (inside foodcourt). Got a swimming date with my bro before that. Actually I was supposed to bring the baby but it rained that morning and I fear that the water will be too cold for him (the day warmed up considerably after that, pfft!).

Considering my bro used to work at D.E, that time was pretty nostalgic for him as he went around looking at his old workplace and meeting old friends. As we discussed what to have for lunch, he got excited when seeing his old friend manning this stall. Well his 'friend' is actually the stall-owner (good for us!).

Anyway this ended up being my bro's treat because I actually forgot my wallet. I just specify what I want and he made the order while having a friendly banter with the fella.

I asked for ONE bbq chicken wing, he bought TWO. "Because one is never enough," he said. He thinks I'm him, huh? And he knows that I'm also going to have my fish & chips!

my bro's plate of Fish & Chips

Both of us ended up ordering this just because the fish is the kind that's simply fried in batter, without breadcrumbs. We believe this is how real fish & chips are prepared (which is true, btw).

Notice that there were 2 and HALF pieces of fish here? The other extra half was on my plate. That's the plus point when the stall-owner is an acquaintance... heh!

MY plate of Fish & Chips

The sides are standard issue with local-style western food stalls. The baked beans, fried soft-bun and super-creamy coleslaw is a must. And this guy here was pretty generous with the tartar sauce, too.

The food's nothing to shout about. It's the company that mattered to me that day. Maybe I'm selfish but since the baby wasn't around, I actually had my bro all to myself and we got round with our usual banter, goofing around and gossips.

Like what my friend remarked, 'siblings quality time'.

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