Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Arnold's Pasir Ris

I guess one thing leads to another don't they?

It started at my parents' place, where my mum fried those supermaket-bought battered fried chicken. Thing is, she bought the brand where the batter-coating was so thick that it's almost impossible to cook the raw chicken meat inside.

And my bro, the fussy eater that he is, flatly refused the piece that my mum had fried for him.

Cue that afternoon, I was at White Sands Mall with my hubby & bro. The former, who had just came back from work, was pretty hungry by then and asked if we should go eat right then. "Let's go to that place, what's it called? An.. An..?"

"Oh, Arnold's!" That was me by the way. Excited that I finally can get to eat there after suggesting it to my hubby for the upteenth time. And also excited that my bro can finally get his chicken fix.

But I knew something was wrong when he pointed at the another direction later on while I insist that Arnold's is at another. Turns out, he was referring to ANANAS, la! Sheesh!

Then again, he saw how crestfallen I was so he agreed to go ahead and took the 5mins walk to Pasir Ris Town Park - Fishing Pond, where Arnold's has a branch.

The stall

I was a tad apprehensive to see that the area was somewhat empty and kinda gloomy. In that row of stalls, only 2 were open. The drinks stall and thankfully, Arnolds. Phew!

2 person combo meal - 5 pcs chicken + 2 buns

Saw that the 2 person combo meal seemed most suitable for us 3. My hubby & bro will have 2 pcs each while I'll settle for just 1.

After ordering, I realised to my horror that I forgot to tell them to minimise the number of drumsticks. Both my bro & I aren't really drumstick eaters. Imagine how relieved I was to see that they gave only 1 drumstick (hubby's fave), alongside 1 wing (mine!), 2 thigh meat and 1 breast meat.

My bro only took bits of the breast meat and left behind the ribs - which I'm only too glad to take. I love to nibble at chicken ribs. Especially when coated with batter as tasty as that!

In my opinion, Arnold's chicken is one of the best in Singapore. MY opinion, ok?

2 person combo meal - coleslaw & mashed potato.

Hubby had wanted mashed potato but they served fries with this set. I requested for the change and the lady mentioned that an additional 20cts charge apply. Not that I mind.

Can you see how 'minced-up' the coleslaw was? It's like eating porridge! I remember that their coleslaw used to be similar to that from KFC.

And their mashed potato was so dry that it's hard. Never been fond of their mashed anyway...

Potato platter

The reason why I'd rather switch the fries to mashed was because of our initial intention to order this.

3 different types of fried potato - namely; crispy chips, waffle-cut fries and wedges. And served with some cheese sauce on the side.

I highly recommend that you only order this when there's at least 2 of you. All that grease & starch.. So muak!

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