Tuesday, March 16, 2010

hei sushi

My sis-in-law (SIL) had been suggesting that both she and myself go and have a Japanese meal together sometime. That was waayyyy back late last year. This is a long overdue session, considering this restaurant is less than 10mins away from my home - on FOOT!

I thought that it could be done during my maternity leave last month. Well, until I got called back to work, that is. And now that I'm (finally) back on leave, she didn't hesitate to sound me out again.

We were like tai-tais, having lunch out on a weekday. The 90-min sushi buffet was on but we weren't interested. Goodness knows how long those things had been rotating around on the conveyor belt like that...

So we settled for the ala carte menu instead.

Hana Maki

Nopes, your eyes aren't playing tricks on you, here. I was distracted by my baby (whom I brought along) when this arrived so in my haste to take the pic, I didn't even double check to see if it was in focus or not.

Didn't even help that the lighting was pretty dim in there.

A more decent shot of this here (but it's a takeaway, then).

It's just some thin salmon sashimi rolled around a lump of rice and covered with mayonnaise and some tobiko.

Teriyaki salmon & asparagus yakitori

My SIL, she's a big fan of salmon so she asked if I want to order a 'cooked' salmon dish too. Well, I'm game for anything.

Well, as soon as I saw the word 'teriyaki', I immediately got excited. I LOOOVE teriyaki. Beef, chicken, salmon... Anything teriyaki, I LIKE!

I guess this dish seemed like a halal substitute for the famous asparagus-bacon yakitori. One have to be careful though cos' cooked salmon tend to be flaky, what more when rolled.


Seems like I can't step into any Japanese restaurant w/o ordering this. You can say that I like to compare Chawanmushis from the various establishments.

Well, this one here is... pretty mediocre, lah. See those 2 things on the surface? Well, those are the only 2 things in there. Pathetic, you say? I agree.

To think that I was eager to let my SIL have her 1st taste of this. Wrong one to start with... Pfft!

Hiyashi chuka

My main course order. I was at a crossroad between having either this or the Chirashi Don (sahimi on rice). I love my sashimi but I was in no mood for rice. Besides, I think that I've been having a tad too many sashimis recently. Maybe next time...

Anyway, my curiousity about this Japanese cold noodle dish had been piqued by Keropokman's interest in this dish. And I sure am glad I ordered this. Something different at least. And cold noodles are best during the scorching hot weather that day.

Cold ramen noodles with: (clockwise from top) julienned cucumber, tomato, julienned sweet tofu skin, julienned omelette, crabmeat and julienned kamaboko. The cold soup/stock that's to be poured over tasted kinda sweetish with a hint of garlic and maybe ginger. I stirred in some wasabi for added zing.

SIL had the Teriyaki chicken udon. I'm never a big fan of udon. That fat noodles just seem to scream, "Carbs! Starch!" And the soup that it comes in is just... boring. Well, just the fat noodles, with some mushrooms and chicken fillet... And maybe some scallions.

Well, for someone like me who's all for variety... I guess that dish just don't suit my palate.
I'm game to try more. I do admit that some of the 'red-plate' items going roung the conveyor belt does look tempting.

I wonder if they have the Hotate Mentoiyaki (scallops grilled with cheese on top). I wanna try their Tempura Moriawase and see what they have to offer. Oh, and my all time favourite, the Unagi. Oh and their Temaki (salmon skin!) and maybe their dragon roll.

Who wanna join me..?

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