Thursday, March 25, 2010

koh nangkam pt I

Another family dinner to celebrate my dad's birthday. A day earlier, since it's my bro's off day and hubby's still on leave.

The initial idea was to have dinner at East Cost Food Centre, where we had a great lunch previously. Thing is, we were surprised to see the carpark almost empty despite it being really close to dinner time and there was a line of cars streaming out of there.

We feared the worst and true enough, the food centre was closed the day before and on that day itself for major cleaning up. Uwaaah! I was looking forward to their calamari!!

So we settled for our back-up plan (luckily there was). The Southern Thai restaurant at North Bridge Road. Oh, I found out that the wooden sign hung outside is really the restaurant name. So bimboitic of me, I know.

Koh Nangkam - Stopover Island

the menu (part)

warm lemongrass drink (for my parents)

Focus was off. Geez!

iced hibiscus/roselle drink (for me)

Better focusing now.

iced longan drink (for my bro & hubby)

This one comes in a rather gigantic glass (almost a foot tall!)

tom yam namprik

Bro thought that this version is the one that's a bit 'milky' (we had that in Bangkok). Turns out it's the red & spicy one.

The other is tom yam soup. Should be clear. Spicy or not, I'm not sure.

tom yam namprik (ingredients)

Pretty large tiger prawns, fish/chicken meat and squids.

There's wayyy too many photos. I think I'll put them up in another entry.

Meanwhile, this was how our table looked like in the end:

the aftermath

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