Thursday, March 11, 2010

Evertop chicken rice

More accurately, Evertop Hainanese Boneless Chicken Rice.
Blk 354 Clementi Ave 2

Half Roasted chicken? Or Roasted Half Chicken?

This type of boneless chicken (save for the wing-tip and maybe the drumstick?) is good for the lazy chicken eaters out there. Well, maybe you end up paying more for tat service but I think it's pretty worth it.

Since I'm buying take-away for 4 adults, I ask for half a chicken. Very generous portions, I like! The chicken is tender and the accompanying sauce it comes in is not the starchy kind. There's also some nyonya achar (cucumber & carrot pickles) on the side.

kailan in oyster sauce

Of course, a meal is never complete w/o veggies (remember that!). For a more balanced meal, I ordered the kailan cooked in oyster sauce (by default).

They used 'real' kailan here. By 'real' I mean the full-sized one, not what they call "baby" kailan. I prefer these because of the slight bitterness that comes with it. More robust veggie taste.

Thai-style chicken feet (boneless)

I no longer eat chicken feet (claws and all). I mean, I used to when I was a kid but somehow I lost interest and shun it altogether.

Somehow, I'm drawn to the chicken feet sold here because it's boneless. Maybe I'm lazy. Or maybe I'm just grossed out by those claws (honestly, I have no idea!). Or MAYBE, it's that 'Thai-style' sauce that it comes with.

The sweet, spicy and tangy sauce with the thin raw onion slices just had me hooked. Once I'm done with the meat/skin I just slurp the sauce down. Yumz!

Jellyfish.. erm.. salad??!

For my mum it's a new discovery. For me.. well I'm used to eating jellyfish.. But it's the sushi kind. So in a way, this is also quite a new discovery for me, too.

Jellyfish - Chinese-style.

The sauce taste almost like that of the chicken feet (sans raw onions) although it's less tangy. The chopped peanut gave it a whole new flavour altogether. Almost like the Chinese rojak.

The thin jellyfish pieces were so crunchy to the bite that one can easily mistake it for some raw veggie (eg. cabbage). That's what my dad could have thought anyway. He's never one to try out exotic foods so my mum discreetly feed him (straight to the mouth) this on purpose (dad's too distracted by his grandson to notice).

When he started eating, he had to juggle his grandson on the other hand so I scooped all the side dishes onto his plate, including the jellyfish. Only when he finished his meal, did he ask, "What's THAT?"

My mum replied, "Oh, that one..? It's.. SALAD." Without looking at him of course. Only when he's away did the both of us start snickering away. Haha.

Only when we finish our meal did we realise that I forgot to ask for the soup. Not that we miss it, since the side dishes were pretty 'wet' anyway.

I remember telling my mum, "Good. I don't miss the MSG anyway." It's a pretty-known secret that chicken rice shops put flavour-enhancers in their bland soups...

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