Saturday, February 20, 2010

popeyes louisiana kitchen

Is there a difference between Popeyes 'Louisiana Kitchen' and Popeyes 'Chicken & Biscuits'?

I understand that the former applies to the 2 new heartland branches (Tampines & AMK) while the latter are the ones at Changi Airport. Hmmm...

My colleagues and I took time to troop all the way down to Tampines to satiate our curiousity; with regards to the new Popeyes branch.

I admit that I was a tad apprehensive about going to Tampines. That place is known as the '2nd/eastern Orchard' and seemed to be forever packed with people. Besides, the Popeyes branch at the airport seemed to have an eternally long queue. What more, it's Friday and school kids are bound to leave school early and swarm the shopping centres.

Put 2-and-2 together and I'm expecting us to be jostling with a big crowd all the way to the counter.

Imagine my surprise to see that the crowd at Tampines itself was sparse and Popeyes was kinda empty with lots of seating available. So we took the chance to stand before the counter to hem & haw about what to order.

I'm contemplating between the shrimp sandwich (my usual order) and the 2 piece chicken....

2 pc chicken meal w/ mashed potato and (additional) coleslaw

Yes, I eventually settle for the latter.

Been a long while since I last ordered the chicken so I decide to sacrifice my usual order of the shrimp sandwich (I love that one!).

I obviously opt for the 'hot & spicy' version. And no drumstick, please.

Maybe my 'hot & spicy' standard has been raised quite high by KFC's 'hot & crispy' version. Popeyes' use of the Cajun spice barely set any heat on my taste buds. And I can't help griping about how salty the seasoning is (I have low tolerance for saltiness).

I'm not a fan of their 'biscuit' (more like a scone) but I can't help noticing that they seem a weeny bit smaller now. Or was it my imagination?

I can never step into Popeyes w/o getting both the mashed potato and coleslaw. Now for these, Popeyes version definitely win over KFC (or Arnolds for that matter) hands down.

The 'smoother' mash and its gravy with all that garlicky and chicken bits are such a delight to have. And their coleslaw with its bits of pickles and rougher-cut veggies leave a more refreshing taste.

Oh, did I mention the 'spork'...?

..and additional large fries

Not really fond of the fries (I have my personal favourite, elsewhere) but like the chicken, I'm feeling a little curious about its taste.

Too salty for me, lah. And dry. Many may beg to differ but I can't help it. I do appreciate the Cajun spice coating them, though.

I can't imagine coming here on weekends. I can't even imagine STEPPING into Tampines on weekends. Eugh!

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