Monday, April 12, 2010

BK with the baby..

.. was such a baddd idea. I'm talking about having a meal in there when it's just me and the baby, wrapped around me in the sling. NO pram.

Thankfully, I was in the right mind to order bottled water instead of soda dispensed into that cup with the flimsy cover. And bless my ego, I crazily refused the help from the guy at the counter to help me carry my trap. I really should kick myself.

The baby wasn't asleep either, so he was kinda trashing his legs around when all I want was to have a peaceful meal. So 1 of my arm was fixed around him the whole time.

Imagine me unwrapping and eating the burger, tearing open the packet + squirting chili sauce and opening the bottled water.. with 1 hand. Oh did I mention the kind of effort it takes to open the Hershey's sundae box??

I almost asked the 2 guys having a business discussion 2 tables away from me for help.

'Angry Whopper' Jr. meal + Hershey's Sundae Pie

Got into BK because I was somewhat yearning for their Hersey's Sundae Pie. Then I saw the promo poster for the 'Angry Whopper' and decide to give it a go.

And that point, I totally forgot that I have a baby hanging beside my torso. Until I had trouble carrying the tray and the counter guy gave me an alarmed look. Right then the bottle toppled over (luckily it's a bottle!) and he volunteered to go around the counter and help me carry my tray.

I looked behind and saw a queue. Last thing I need was to have people cursing me & my baby for holding their time so I kindly refused his offer.

Despite struggling with the baby and the tray of food, I chose the table at the very most end (imagine the relief when I finally put the tray down!). I don't want people to see the mess I'm gonna make for myself.

'Angry Whopper' Jr.

Apparently, there are 3 levels of 'anger', which kinda define how much heat you want in your burger. Right then, I have NO freaking idea what it was that makes the burger spicy, anyway. And my tolerance for spiciness had dwindled so I was somewhat apprehensive.

"Is it really spicy?" I asked. He assured me that, "It's NOT SO.." and recommend the mid-level (Frustrated).

Imagine, in my curiosity to see what an 'angry' burger look like; what with me fumbling to unwrap it with 1 hand and all I saw were merely the rings of fresh red chillies that did it.

Just. That.

How 'innovative'! How... boring. There's lettuce, tomato, onions and now chillies. Wow! Salad in a bun! Pfft!

Hershey's Sundae Pie (Packaging)

And then, there's the reason why I came here in the first place.

Hershey's Sundae Pie

Alas! After all the anticipation, my pie was all soft and no longer cold by the time I'm done with my main meal and struggle with the box.

And I was wondering why the heck I'm yearning for this pie even. I finally remembered how sweet it is. Totally missing the mudpies from Island Creamery, Swensens & Coffee Club.

Eh, all my sweet-tooth pals. My partners-in-dessert-crimes... You reading this?

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