Tuesday, April 06, 2010

nasi lemak @ KTM

I happened to be in a hardworking mood that day. Drove from Bedok to Pasir Ris and send Hubby to work, then managed to reach Redhill from Changi North in 15 mins. To fetch my bro, since I'm sleeping over at my parents' that night.

Strange but true- bro was actually hungry (there goes his diet!) and suggested going to KTM. Ok, those in the unknown, 'KTM' refers to Tanjong Pagar train station. KTM (Keretapi Tanah Melayu) is the name of the company that govern over that building and the train services. So youngsters & yuppies simply refer to that place as 'KTM' for short, esp. when talking about the eating haunts in there.

When we arrived at the carpark, we saw a commotion at the small hill near the HDB block opposite. I saw the Police truck and told my bro that the vehicle is used when there's an animal to be caught; usually snakes. True enough, they were carrying the contraption meant for trapping snakes and a gunny sack...

Anyway, we went to the older eating house and I was looking forward to their freshly-fried vegetable fritters (bakwan sayur) but they ran out of it. Oh, we arrived at 10+pm and that place is almost full! Singaporeans do eat round-the-clock don't they?

That's when I saw the queue at this stall.

dishes on display (check out the signboard!)

And that signboard did me in. I may be pretty full but I suddenly felt like sharing the nasi lemak with my bro after seeing the the word 'panas'. Plus, the array of food on display looked tempting!

Bro was hesitant at first. Nasi lemak at such a late hour sure isn't good for the system (he's watching his food after all). But I coaxed him into it by pointing at the freshly-fried chicken wings (his weakness!).

Needless to say, he joined the queue. =)

Since the place was pretty full, my bro ordered a take-away and remarked that he will feast on it right at our flat's void deck.

When we stepped out, we saw the policemen on the other side of the road, where the block of flats are. Seems like the snake managed to cross over! The python was fairly big-sized, like the sized of a man's arm. And the person to stuff the snake into the sack was this old ah-pek (chinese man) wearing a motorcycle helmet.

"Like in the kampung!" my bro said. The old man must be reliving his kampung (rural village) days by partaking in the snake hunt!

my bro's packet of nasi lemak

Well, yes, as soon as we reached the seating area under the block, he opened up the packet. Very hungry, I guess. Sorry that I don't bother to tidy that packet up a lil' bit. As you can see, my bro already start tucking in when I was snapping this shot!

All that's chosen was my pick actually. I was so enthusiatic at seeing all the various dishes (hey, I'm one for variety!) that I pointed out, "That prawn fritter! Wah, looks good. The paru (beef lungs) looks crispy. Of course the chicken wing! Oh, the egg! Don't forget the egg!"

And I saw the ikan-bilis & peanut mix (my bro's own pick). Finally, the ubiquitous cucumber slices and sambal. All for $4.70. Not bad, rite?!

The sambal is good. They didn't use the instant pre-mixed chilli 'boh'. Can easily taste the grounded dried chili paste and it's only a lil' spicy. I can't believe they gave 3 big pieces of that prawn fritter. And the paru was nicely spiced and not chewy. And the omelette was thick and filled with loads of onions. And all the stuff I picked still remained crispy and warm. And sedappp!

I thought that's it's pretty incredulous to see so many dishes just for nasi lemak alone. My bro informed me that the person in front of him in the queue ordered white rice. Oh, I see....

I'm sooo going back there for that nasi lemak! And I'm gonna dine in!

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